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Escape Games

Escape Games is a genre of games that requires you to escape as soon as possible. Try to find clues to leave the room or zones where you are locked.

Noteworthy features of Escape Games

The first dominant feature of these games is the room setting. In these games, the setting can be a maze, a prison, a haunted house, a locked house or room, or a spaceship. It is often really hard to escape from them. Moreover, in some games, the time is limited. Therefore, you must try to escape successfully before the time is over. If you are allowed to play as a team, you should cooperate with your teammates to search for clues. These clues will help you get the key and unlock the exit door. Remember that navigating skills and logical thinking are two important factors that help you beat all escape games.

The main subgenres of Escape Games

These games have three subgenres that have unique gameplay and themes. In each subgenre of escape games, you must complete a distinct mission.

Horror Escape Games

This subgenre of Escape Games is a combination of horror and suspense elements. The setting in these games is often dark and frightening and the sound effects are super scary. The environment may incorporate elements such as cobwebs, flickering lights, creepy props, and unsettling visuals to enhance the horror theme. Moreover, while trying to find a way to escape, you must take caution with ghosts or monsters. They can emerge suddenly and you can be threatened by their jumpscares. In some games, you can be assassinated by them. Therefore, you must run as fast as possible to avoid being murdered by the ghosts or monsters.

Adventure Escape Games

If you are keen on exciting adventures, you should try this subgenre. Adventure escape games focus on storytelling, exploration, and immersive adventures. In these games, you must run around clues, interact with objects, and examine their surroundings to uncover hidden items, secret passages, or important information. Besides, you also need to jump over many obstacles to escape from the locked room or prison. During the adventures, you need to battle with the guards who want to stop you at all costs. To escape successfully, you also need to discover new plot details of the secret story. These games encourage you

Puzzle Escape Games

Finally, this subgenre is a collection of games that will tease your brain. In these games, you must solve many puzzles to find the keys to unlock the exit portal. These puzzles can be mathematical puzzles, pattern recognition, wordplay, association puzzles, hidden object puzzles, mechanical puzzles, or combinations of different puzzle types. You must utilize your observation skills, critical thinking, and creativity to find the right answers. If you get stuck, you can utilize hidden clues, objects, or hints within the game environment. In addition, these games often feature a progression system. After solving a puzzle, you can unlock the next area, next room, or next puzzle. This will create a feeling of accomplishment and captivate you to try to solve all the puzzles to reach the ultimate goal of escaping.

What are the best Escape Games?

If you are wondering what the best Escape Games are, here are the answers.

  1. Escaping The Prison
  2. House of Hazards
  3. The White House
  4. Endacopia
  5. Alone II
  6. Escape Or Die
  7. Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper