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The principles of Endacopia

Let's help a little boy escape from the house in Endacopia. You must overcome many dangers in the house and utilize the items to reach the bathroom.

Escape the house

A little boy named Mellow gets stuck in the bedroom in the house. His family moved to another place and forgot him. He wants to leave this house. Therefore, you must help him now. Your mission is to click on different items in the room to find the exit portal. One suggestion is to control the boy to sit on the chair and swing three times. Then, you need to climb on the ventilation pipe. After going through it, you can reach the kitchen. At this time, a yellow giant monster holding the big basketball bat gets into the kitchen and goes around. It will hit you if it catches you. Therefore, you must be quick to hide in the closet to avoid being noticed by the monster. After it leaves the kitchen, you can get out of the closet and return to the bedroom. In the bedroom, you can find more information by communicating with the picture and the clock. They can talk, so ask everything you want. Besides, do not forget to find more clues on the computer. Next, you get out of the bedroom and find the hidden room. Try to ask the robot in this room to get the password. Finally, find the way to reach the bathroom and communicate with the toilet. When the toilet asks you for the password, you can enter the password you found. If the password is right, you will meet a guardian angel.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Click the left mouse button to do actions.

Click the right mouse button to change the action.

Creator and platform

This game was developed by Packtion. It was launched in October 2022. Like other games on Online Games, you can play it on the web browser and it can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

The Quick Review of Endacopia

This point-and-click escape game features surreal and unconventional humor, which occasionally flirts with elements of violent, dark, and traumatic horror. In addition, I am really impressed with its distinctive and nostalgic animation, reminiscent of the early days of Internet flash animation. When playing this game, I encounter experiences such as evading tentacles, engaging in a fistfight with a clock armed with razor claws, navigating through child-like electrical engineering challenges, and employing a plunger in various situations. Moreover, I have a chance to test my intelligence by solving puzzles, some of which may not be immediately intuitive but ultimately result in humorous or amusing outcomes, particularly for those with a cynical disposition. Ultimately, it is possible to say that this is one of the best escape games that you must try. This game brings thrilling, amusing, and exciting feelings. So, try it out if you have free time or want to find something thrilling.