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Play Coreball

Coreball is a captivating puzzle game that tests your quick reflexes. Shoot the small balls at the core ball and complete as many levels as possible.

The principles

Actually, the gameplay of this game is really as simple as Online Games. At the center of the screen, you can see a big core ball rotating. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot the small ball at this core ball. Note that this ball should not hit other small balls on the core ball. If it hits another small ball on the core ball, the game is over. You will win and move to the next level when all the small balls are stuck on the core ball. It is possible to say that this game is the best choice for you to practice your quick reflexes and patience.

Some useful tips for Coreball

If you are a beginner, I would like to suggest some effective tactics. Hope that these tips will help you beat all levels in this game.

  • Try to click the left mouse button at the start of the game. This will help to create a group of small balls and leave more empty space.
  • Attempt to aim accurately. You should aim at one goal at a time.
  • Be patient and slow. When the core ball has a few empty spaces and many small balls, you should not try to throw the next ball quickly. Instead, you should be patient and wait. In addition, you do not need to go through the levels quickly. Let's take time to focus on each level.
  • Utilize your quick reflexes: As soon as the empty space on the core ball aligns with the small ball in your inventory, you should be quick to throw the small balls.
  • Predict the rotating direction of the core ball: At some high levels, the core ball will rotate from left to right and then vice versa. This may be a challenge for you. Therefore, guessing the rotating direction of the core ball is necessary.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to shoot the ball.

All levels in Coreball

This game offers up to 91 levels. They have different degrees of difficulty. When entering the higher level, you must throw more small balls. Moreover, the rotating speed of the core ball also increases. Therefore, you must come up with effective strategies to beat all these levels. If the level is too difficult, you can find help from your friends or relatives.