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The gameplay of Badland

Embark on an exciting adventure with a little bird in Badland now. Guide the bird to fly up or down to evade hazards and reach the furthest distance.

In this game, you must control a bird with a unique ability to fly. By clicking and holding the mouse button, the bird can fly upward, and by releasing the button, it can descend. This flight control mechanism is crucial for maneuvering through the game's obstacles and dangers. Precise timing and adjustments are essential to successfully navigate tight spaces and avoid collisions.

The terrain in this game is far from simple. Earthquakes have caused faulty terrains with crevices and high mountains, making the journey challenging. Moreover, the terrains are shabby, meaning that objects and dangers can unexpectedly fall from any place. To overcome these challenges, you must develop a keen understanding of the terrain and learn to anticipate falling objects and hazards. Adapting flight height to avoid obstacles while maintaining progress is key. One of the remarkable features of birds in this game is their tenacity and defense. The bird can keep moving even when colliding with obstacles. However, you must ensure that these collisions do not cause the bird to fall back and leave the playing screen, as this will require the level to be replayed. Balancing progress and collision avoidance is crucial for a successful run.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to make the bird fly up.

Impressive features of Badland

All levels

This game features two days. Each day, you are required to complete 120 missions and win 40 levels. Note that each level features a distinct map. You must complete the levels in order. It means that if you want to play a higher level, you must try to conquer the map in the previous level. In each level, your goal is to help the bird reach the finish line as soon as possible. Good luck! Can you beat all levels in this game?

All achievements

Like other online games, this game also features up to 79 achievements. Here is the list of achievements in this game.

  • Badlander: You must complete all Dawn levels on Day 1.
  • Survivor: You must complete all Noon levels on Day 1.
  • Ultimate Survivor: Try to complete all Dusk levels on Day 1 to get this achievement.
  • Rambo: Attempt to complete all levels in Day 1 to earn this achievement.
  • Voyager: If you want to gain this achievement, you must complete all Dawn levels on Day 2.
  • Globetrotter: Try your best to win all Noon levels on Day 2.
  • Semi Explorer: If you want to get this achievement, you must beat all Dusk levels on Day 2.
  • Red Eye: Attempt to win all levels on Day 2 if you want to unlock this achievement.
  • Doomed: This achievement will be unlocked after you complete all Doomsday levels in Single Player mode.
  • Dream Come True: To unlock this achievement, you must win all Daydream levels in Single Player mode.
  • Surgeon: To get this achievement, you must attempt to beat 40 levels with one try in Single Player mode.