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The Capybara Clicker test

The mechanics of the game

Capybara Clicker offers amusing gameplay with a cute Capybara character. Click on the character to get as many scores as possible and buy upgrades.

The game has created a test of your clicking speed. You will participate in the game and try to get as many points as possible. Your score will gradually increase. You can accumulate them to buy items and upgrades.

Your clicking speed affects your score. You need to click at high speed to score points and rank at the top. Other players are also trying to get impressive scores. So, you need to practice to make sure you can overcome them.

The game's test will take you to a new world. You can immerse yourself in this wonderful space. Good luck.

How to control

It can be said that the gameplay is extremely simple and attractive. You don't need to apply many operations or strategies. The game focuses on your clicking speed. So you just need to practice it every day. You will click on the Capybara character in the center of the screen. Then, you can get a large number of scores.

Some upgrades of Capybara Clicker

When you have enough scores, you can upgrade to get a better clicker. These upgrades can enhance their clicking power, increase the speed of resource gathering, or unlock new capybara friends with unique abilities. Invest wisely in these upgrades to maximize your progress.

Some outstanding upgrades:

  • Cursor: +1 Capybaras per click
  • Auto Clicker: +1 Capybaras per second
  • Mr. Clicker: +5 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Farm: +6 Capybaras per second
  • President Clicker: +100 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Pump: +200 Capybaras per second
  • King Clicker: +1000 Capybaras per click

Other highlights of the game

The endless test

The game is an endless source of inspiration for you to practice your skills and speed. You can join this game to improve your clicking speed. Pressing speed shows your ability to react quickly. You can play other games in Online Games well if you are a master clicker. The game has no time limit so you can play the game until you master it.

Idle mode

After upgrading the clicker, you don't need to click many times to still get points. So, you can play this game and score points even if you are absent. It gives you more time to relax and rest. Come on and experience the game now.