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The storyline of Among Us

Among Us is an exciting and suspenseful online multiplayer game. In the game, you work with others to complete tasks on a spaceship or space station.

It is said that among the crew members, there are impostors whose goal is to eliminate the innocent crewmates and take control of the ship.

In the game, you and other players can take on the role of either a crewmate or an impostor. Crewmates must complete various tasks and objectives to keep the ship running smoothly and ensure everyone's safety. Communication and teamwork are essential to identify any suspicious behavior and vote out the impostors.

On the other hand, impostors must deceive the crewmates by sabotaging tasks, creating chaos, and eliminating crewmates without raising suspicion. They can also use vents to quickly move around the map and hide their true identity. The impostors win if they manage to eliminate enough crewmates or if they sabotage the ship's systems to a critical point.

The game is filled with intense discussions, accusations, and deductions as players try to uncover the impostors and protect themselves. Emergency meetings can be called to discuss suspicions, and players can vote to eject someone they believe is an impostor. However, you must be careful because accusing the wrong person may lead to the innocent being ejected and the impostors gaining an advantage. After finishing, let's move to other games in Online Games to relax.



To move yer character around the spaceship or space station, ye can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys on yer keyboard. Simply press the appropriate key to move in the desired direction. Then, you also use the left mouse button to complete the missions.

Interacting with others

Your character can perform various actions, such as completing tasks or reporting bodies. To interact with objects, you need to be near them. Move close to an object, such as a task or a console, and click on it to initiate the interaction.

Some exciting asks in Among Us

Impostor strategies

Should you find yourself as an impostor, you must blend in with the crew, pretend to complete tasks, and eliminate unsuspecting' crewmates without raising suspicion. You can sabotage the ship's systems to create chaos and distract the crew from their true intentions. To initiate a sabotage, click on the "Sabotage" button, usually located on the right side of the screen. Choose the system you wish to sabotage, such as lights or oxygen, to cause disruptions. Be strategic, manipulate conversations, and sow seeds of doubt to survive.

Emergency meetings and voting

Throughout the game, emergency meetings can be called to discuss suspicious activity or report a dead crewmate. During these meetings, you'll engage in discussions, present evidence or suspicions, and cast votes to decide who to eject from the ship. Be cautious, for a wrong accusation may lead to the demise of an innocent crewmate.

Task Completion

As a crewmate, you must diligently complete tasks to progress and ensure the ship functions smoothly. These tasks can range from fixing electrical systems, diverting power, or even cleaning out the vents. Completing tasks not only benefits the crew but also helps identify who may be an impostor.