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Shell Shockers

Shootout of eggs in this game

Shell Shockers is a shooting game with very interesting characters. The eggs will become excellent shooters and destroy all enemies on their way.

Interesting egg characters

You've probably seen many shooting games with cool characters. However, you will see an egg sniper in this game. The eggs are equipped with modern weapons. If the egg is hit multiple times, it will break. Although it is a shooting game, it is suitable for everyone including children. It doesn't have violent scenes because our main characters are animated eggs. You will see broken eggs instead of bloody scenes. You may encounter another egg character in Online Games.

Many weapon choices

The game provides 7 weapons for players. You will choose one of them before entering battle. Depending on your preferences or skills, you can choose a gun with different features. Next, I would like to introduce a little about the weapons in this game.

  • EGGK-47: the classic, high rate of fire, medium range, never jams
  • Scrambler: 2 shots - shotgun blasts do critical damage up close
  • Free Ranger: semi-automatic sniper - destroy from a distance
  • RPEGG: small magazine, medium distance, big damage
  • Whipper: large clip full of egg-cracking bullets, close to medium range
  • Crackshot: Bolt action sniper, one-shot stopping power
  • Tri-hard: 2-round burst, accurate, medium-range specialist.

Each type of gun can change its skins if you have enough golden eggs. Skins will not help increase weapon damage, but they will make your character more impressive.

How to defeat opponents in Shell Shockers

This is a multiplayer game so your opponents will likely be professional gamers around the world. Please understand some of the following principles to be able to conquer this game.

Aim properly to shoot

Your opponent will not stand still so it is difficult to aim. However, you can improve your shooting skills if you practice hard. You can use the gun's aim to aim at enemies. Aim for the center of the egg for the most damage. You cannot destroy your opponent with just one bullet, so you need to shoot continuously. Make sure these bullets all hit your opponent. Once your opponent is weakened, you can see cracks in their shell. Are you ready for this battle?

Game control

  • Press Q for grenade
  • WASD to move
  • E to swap weapon
  • R to reload
  • F to melee
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot.
  • Stand still when shooting to improve accuracy (especially snipers
  • Watch out! Standing still for long makes for a dead egg.

Four modes of Shell Shockers

Each mode will have a different feature and gameplay. However, your ultimate goal is still to defeat your opponent.

Free for all

You will fight alone in this mode. Therefore, anyone is your opponent in this game. This is probably a pretty difficult game mode because you won't have help from teammates.


You will be divided into the blue or red team. Your mission is to destroy members of the enemy team. You can track the names of the enemy team and your team through a leaderboard on the screen.

Captula the Spatula

You will steal your opponent's golden spoon. Each character has a golden spoon. If a character falls, you are free to pick up their golden spoon. Picking up the golden spoon will help you receive a certain number of points. You need to score as many points as possible.

King of the Coop

You and your teammates try to capture the coop. You identify it as a coop through a black circle with a crown inside. If you win this mode, each team member will receive 250 golden eggs.