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Eggy Car

The rules of Eggy Car

Jump into the red car and start your adventure with the white egg in Eggy Car now. be careful when driving the car carrying the egg to go through many slopes.

Go as far as possible

This game is about the journey of a white egg. This egg lies on the trailer of a car, so your mission is to drive this car to take the egg to the furthest place. It sounds like a simple task. However, it is more challenging than you think. You cannot drive the car too fast because this will make the egg fall into the ground and break. All you need to do is to take control of the car to go slowly. In particular, you must go through numerous slopes. Some slopes are really steep. Therefore, you should be careful when going through these slopes. Try to overcome them safely without dropping the egg. In addition, do not forget to collect the coins because they appear everywhere along the way. Furthermore, like Highway Racer, the track in this game is also endless. Note that your score will depend on the distance you go and the number of coins you collect. Try to go the furthest distance and collect the most possible coins to gain the highest score.



Use a left arrow key or an A key to use the handbrake.

Use a right arrow key or a D key to accelerate.


Use the buttons on the screen.

The latest update of Eggy Car

Although this is a new driving game developed in 2023, this game received many positive reviews from players from all over the world. This game became popular because of its captivating gameplay, and colorful graphics. Moreover, like other Online Games, this game is also available on the web browser. Realizing the success of this game, the developer continued to develop this game and added many new features.


The first update you can easily realize is the power-ups in this game. While traveling on the endless road, you can see many power-ups. These power-ups will assist you a lot during the journey. However, the duration of their effects is really short. Therefore, you should use them wisely.

  • The magnet: You can collect the magnet if you want to get more coins. This magnet is able to attract many coins although you are still far from them. This helps you not to ignore any coins along the way.
  • The icy diamond: The next useful power-up is the icy diamond. If you collect it, the egg on the car will be frozen. When the egg is frozen, it cannot move or fall to the ground. This helps you go through steep slopes easily without dropping the egg.

New cars

The next interesting update of this game is the new cars. The creator updated new cars in the garage, which helped to broaden your choice. You can accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to purchase up to four cars. Each car has a distinct price and design. I advise you to select a car with a big trailer.