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Highway Racer

The playing rules of Highway Racer

Highway Racer allows you to practice your driving skills. Dodge other vehicles in the busy road and go the furthest distance within a limited time.

Select your suitable game mode

The first impression about this game is the number of game modes in this game. You can choose between five game modes with different principles. Here they are:

  • One Way: If you choose this mode, you must drive your car to go on the one-way road. This road is endless but full of vehicles. You must go as far as possible and evade other vehicles along the way. Your score will depend on the distance that you can go. One tip is to look at the tail lights of other vehicles to know whether they will stop or continue to go.
  • Two Way: Unlike the previous game mode, this game mode requires you to race on the two-way road. At this time, you must take caution with not only the vehicles going the same direction but also the vehicles going the opposite direction.
  • Time Attack: This game mode limits the time, so you must try to gain the highest score before the time is over. The allotted time is 100 seconds. How far can you go within 100 seconds?
  • Speed Bomb: In this game mode, you must drive your car at a fast speed to stop the bomb from exploding. If your car goes too slow or stops, the bomb will explode and your car is destroyed.
  • Multiplayer: In this game mode, you will race with another driver who is from all over the world. Look at the progress bar at the top of the screen. If it is full of green, it means that you will become the winner. Note that the race has three rounds. You must win at least 2 rounds to defeat your rival and become the champion.

Choose the stage

This game has three stages including Sunny, Night, and Rainy. In each stage, the weather is different. I recommend the Sunny stage because it is the easiest stage. In the Night or Rainy stage, you must drive your car to go at night or under the rain, so your vision will be limited. This will affect you a lot when you want to evade other vehicles on the road. Choose one stage and play this game now. Additionally, keep in mind to check out other exciting games on Online Games.

How to control

Use a W or Up Arrow Key to accelerate.

Use the A-D or Left-Right Arrow keys to move left or right.

Use an S or Down Arrow key to use the handbrake.

The garage in Highway Racer

While racing, you also need to collect as much money as possible along the way. The money you pick up can be used to buy new cars. There are many cars sold in the garage. You can purchase a sports car, a tuned car, a coupe, a van, a pickup, a jeep, or a super sport car. After buying them, you can customize them by changing their colors and wheels and upgrading the engine, turbo, speed, and so on. This will help your car go faster and easily dodge obstacles.