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Your virtual in Bitlife

What about taking a look at Bitlife which is a life simulation game? This game allows you to decide everything in your virtual life and become a good citizen.

Start your life

Your life will start when you are born. Note that you are allowed to choose your sex and name. Then, you can click on the Age button in the middle of the screen. When you grow, you will encounter many events about other members of your family. Moreover, you have to learn many things. Click the Admit button to receive new knowledge and become a smart baby. Moreover, you also need to choose high-quality schools to study. This is also a perfect time to make new friends.

Join different activities and important events

When you are 18, you are an adult. At this time, you can encounter many challenges and join many important events. You must decide to apply for a university or join the army. Remember that if you want to continue to study at the university, you can ask your parents to pay your tuition fee or apply for a scholarship. After graduating from university, you need to try to find a high-paying job. Try to earn as much money as possible because it can be used to buy new cars, new houses, and many things. If you want to purchase a new car or house, you can click on the Asset button. Besides earning money, you also need to take care of your relationships. Click on the Relationship button to communicate with other members of your family or find a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Ultimately, click on the Activities button to join other activities such as adopting a child, visiting the casino, going to the horse track, suing someone, managing your driving license, or moving to another country. Keep in mind that each activity can affect the path of your life.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose.

Moreover attractive things of Bitlife

Available game modes

Like other Online Games, this game also features two game modes including New Random Life and New Custom Life. If you choose the New Random Life mode, your sex, name, and identity will be chosen at random. In contrast, if you want to control everything in your virtual life, you should select the New Custom Life. This mode allows you to choose your sex, identity, and name. Note that these game modes are available for gameplay, so you can select one of them to play.

Earn the ribbons

The ribbons in this game serve as achievements that you must complete in your virtual life. There are a total of 30 ribbons in this game. They include Lazy, Lustful, Fertile, Scandalous, Academic, Hero, Rich, Houdini, Addict, Highroller, Stupid, Deadly. Wicked, Rowdy, Cunning, Famous, Successful, Thief, Family Guy, and so on. You can earn these ribbons after making important decisions in your life.