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Clicker Games

Clicker Games are video games with simple mechanics and repetitive actions. Tap the screen or click the left mouse button to complete the assigned missions.

Dominant Features of Clicker Games

Simple mechanics

When you play clicker games, you do not need to press keys or use the game controller. Instead, you just need to click the left mouse button if you play the games on your computer. If you play the games on your mobile devices, you just need to tap the screen. Note that each click will help you earn a coin or cookie, upgrade the items or characters, dig deeper, or hit the opponent. Because of its easy controls, clicker games are suitable for all players including experienced players or novice players. When playing this game, you do not need to have quick fingers, sharp eyes, or quick reflexes. All you need to have is your patience because most clicker games are endless.

Relaxing gameplay

In most clicker games, your objective is to accumulate wealth or resources and use them to unlock new features, upgrades, or achievements. These upgrades may increase the amount of currency earned per click, automate the clicking process, or provide other benefits. Or you must reach milestones that represent the levels or a specific amount of currency. Or you must compete with other players from all over the world or your friends to earn as much money as possible. Or you have to dig as deep as you can to find valuable resources and sell them to earn money. Additionally, clicker games often feature passive progression. It means that you can continue to earn more money, coins, or cookies even when you are away from the games. This money is called offline earnings. The more time you are offline, the more money you can earn. Finally, in clicker games, you are allowed to reset your progress in exchange for special bonuses or a higher level of currency generation.

Visuals and Interface

Finally, clicker games often have a minimalistic design. The focus is primarily on numbers, statistics, and progress indicators instead of the characters. The progress indicators include such as the total amount of currency earned, the rate of currency generation, and the number of upgrades purchased. This will bring you the joy of incremental progress and the satisfaction of watching numbers grow. Moreover, this will bring the feeling of achieving goals, and encourage you to play the games longer. Additionally, the sound effects and music in these games are really relaxing or funny. It is possible to say that clicker games are addictive games that will activate you for hours.

Some popular clicker games

Our website offers hundreds of clicker games. Almost all of them are excellent and interesting. Here are the best clicker games that I want to suggest to you. Hope that you will enjoy them and have moments of entertainment and relaxation after a hard-working day.

  1. Mr Mine
  2. Idle Startup Tycoon
  3. Capybara Clicker
  4. Clicker Heroes
  5. Tiny Fishing
  6. Idle Breakout
  7. Kick The Buddy