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Idle Breakout

What makes this game attractive

Idle Breakout is an addictive game for busy people. You need to destroy all blocks on the screen to complete a level. Buy automatic balls to support you.

Idle gameplay

Many people choose difficult and complicated online games when they have a lot of free time. However, for busy people, this game with simple gameplay is a priority. Even if you are not actively playing, the game will continue and automatically break blocks. You can close the game and come back when you want. Your score will still increase during this time. The idle gameplay isn't your favorite, you can move to Online Games to look for your favorite game.

Enjoy the journey

This game is designed to be a casual and enjoyable game. Embrace the idle nature of the game and let it run in the background as you go about your day. Check-in periodically to upgrade your abilities and witness your progress. The game is designed to provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you watch your points grow and witness the brick wall crumble.

How to break blocks in Idle Breakout

In this game, the main target is to destroy all blocks on the screen. These blocks can be arranged in different places. Now, let's find some ways to destroy them.

Click on the blocks

This is a manual way where you have to click on each block to destroy them. Depending on the number on the blocks, you will have to click that number. This manual clicking will take a lot of effort. However, you can only do so when you first start the game. Please quickly complete the task.

Use the auto balls

After having a certain amount of money, you can buy some balls automatically. They will appear and bounce to destroy blocks. If they touch the blocks, the numbers on the blocks will decrease by a certain number.

Upgrades in Idle Breakout

The number on the blocks is increasing so you need to buy upgrades for the ball. They will make it easier for you to destroy blocks. Upgrading your ball can enhance its speed, power, and abilities. A faster ball can break through blocks more quickly, while a more powerful ball can break through multiple blocks in a single hit. Some upgrades may also introduce special effects or abilities to the ball, such as splitting into multiple balls or penetrating through blocks.