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Drift Hunters

Become Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a fascinating drifting game featuring many superb racetracks and impressive cars. Hunt for drifting points by making epic drifts.

Start the drifting races

This game is the best choice for professional drifters because it allows you to perform impressive drifts. Specifically, when joining the drifting races in this game, you will not have to race with any rivals. Instead, your goal is just to join the endless drifting race and earn as many drifting points as possible. To earn the drifting points, you must drive your car to go through the corners of the racetracks and perform driftings. Your drifting score will increase constantly when you drift. If you stop, this drifting score will also stop rising. One tip is not to crash into any obstacles while you drift. These obstacles will slow down your speed and force you to stop. Another trick is to accelerate your speed when you drift. This will help you drift longer and earn extra drifting points. Embark on the drifting races now and good luck! Don't miss taking a look at other drifting games on Online Games.

How to control

To steer the car, press the WASD or arrow keys.

To use a handbrake, press the spacebar.

To adjust the camera position, press C.

To change gears, use the left shift.

Shift down gears with the left CTRL key.

Some suggestions about the best tracks and cars in Drift Hunters

The racetracks

Like Drift F1, this game captivates you with its stunt racetracks. Before entering the drifting races, you are allowed to choose between 10 racetracks. You can choose Nishuri, Stadium, Tyshen, Docks, Dust, Port, Emashi, Touge, Forest, or City. Each map has a distinct feature. If you are a newbie and want to practice your drifting skills, I advise you to select the Nishuri, Tyshen, Docks, Forest, and Emashi maps. In contrast, if you are an experienced drifter who wants to find something more thrilling, you should try out the Stadium, Dust, Port, Touge, and City maps. These maps have more corners. Therefore, you must have good drifting skills to go through them.

The cars

The next dominant aspect of this game is the collection of cars. These cars are sold at the garage, so you must accumulate as much money as possible to purchase them. Note that if you are keen on racing at a fast speed, you should choose Nissan cars. The most expensive Nissan car in this game is the Nissan 370Z which is sold at a price of 128,400 dollars. If you want cars with cool designs, you should choose Toyota cars. The most impressive Toyota cars in this game are Toyota Supra and Toyota GT86. Besides, BMW cars are also must-try cars in this game. They have not only wonderful designs but also high prices. Currently, BMW 335i (F30) is the most expensive BMW car in this game. Additionally, if you like small cars, you should take a look at Ford cars. Both Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Mustang are small and have great drifting ability.