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Enjoy the music competitions

FNF is a very popular music game that holds many music battles. With impressive music and impressive graphics, many players love this hard game.

Two modes in FNF

In this game, you are provided two modes which are free play and story mode. Each mode has different features and they're all available. The free play allows you to choose your favorite songs for the competition. This free play mode is ideal for practicing some specific songs. For the story mode, you are bound by the plot. The Boyfriend - the main character tries to win the heart of Girlfriend by joining many battles. Many songs correspond to each different week. You must defeat the previous week's opponents to unlock the next week. This mode can be more difficult and requires more of your patience.

Lovely songs

The songs in this game were all composed specifically for it. Catchy melodies can help you relieve stress. Listen to the music and click on the correct notes. Which is your favorite song? You can try difficulty levels such as easy, normal, and difficult for each song. When you finish all songs of this game, let's find another interesting game in Online Games.

How to beat enemies in FNF

Agility and accuracy are the keys to success. This game has simple rules but is very difficult to master.

Learn the Basics

Familiarize yourself with the controls and mechanics of the game. Understand how to hit the notes accurately by pressing the corresponding arrow keys at the right time. Practice your timing and aim for perfect or great hits.

Practice much

Only practicing can improve your skills. Start with the easier level and gradually work your way up to the more challenging ones. Repeat songs and sections that you find difficult until you can master them.

Focus on Timing

Pay close attention to the arrows and their alignment with the approaching notes. Make sure to hit the arrows at the exact moment they reach the target zone. Timing is crucial for achieving high scores and winning battles.