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Connect 4

Play Connect 4

Welcome to the best two-player puzzle game named Connect 4. This game offers a chance for you and your friend to compete to create a line of identical discs.

Choose the game modes and degrees of difficulty

The most impressive thing of this game is its number of game modes. This game has up to 3 game modes which are Online Player, Two-Player Mode, and Play Vs Computer. I recommend you choose the Online Player or Two-Player Mode to play with another player. The Play Vs Computer mode requires you to play against the computer player. After selecting the game mode, you are allowed to select the color of your disc, the field size, and the winning condition.

The rules

In this game, you must create a line of four discs of the same color in a row, whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This requires you to carefully drop your discs into the columns of the game board, strategically positioning them to create the desired alignment. By observing the game board and analyzing the opponent's actions, you can predict your intentions and adjust your own strategy accordingly. This proactive approach allows you to strategically place your discs to obstruct your opponent's progress and impede your line formations. Try to win your rival and do not miss check out other captivating games on Online Games.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to control the disc.

The best ways to beat Connect 4

Winning this game requires not only luck but also effective strategies. Here are some tips that you can apply when playing this game with your friend.

  • Make an attack in multiple directions: You should create a line of three identical discs and get ready to expand your line of discs in multiple directions. By forcing your opponents to block only one direction, they create a dilemma where the other directions remain open for your end-game move. This puts pressure on the opponent to make difficult choices and increases the probability of a successful connect-four for you executing the strategy.
  • Set up a 7 trap: This is a strategic move in this game where you arrange your disks in a formation resembling the numeral 7. The key elements of this configuration include three horizontally aligned disks connected to two diagonal disks stemming from the rightmost horizontal disk. Notably, the orientation of the 7 can be modified, including variations such as right-side up, backward, upside down, or even upside down and backward.
  • Make a setuplet attack: This is an advanced strategy in this game that focuses on winning in one of seven directions. Unlike the multi-directional attack, which offers a range of possible directions, the septuplet attack narrows the focus but achieves a higher level of control over the game board. To execute this strategy, you must create a specific configuration with your disks, establishing dominance over key slots.