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Smash Karts

Some game modes of Smash Karts

Smash Karts allows you to join a fantastic race among many karts. You need to overcome many challenges and other players to reach the finish line first.

The game offers four fantastic game modes. You can join the game with many people. You will compete with them to become the champion.

Free For All

In this mode, it's every kart for themselves! Race against other players on various tracks while utilizing power-ups to gain an advantage. The goal is to cross the finish line first and claim victory. Watch out for obstacles, avoid incoming attacks, and use your own arsenal of power-ups to outsmart your opponents. If you are keen on multiplayer games like that, you can select 1v1 LOL and

Hat Holder

The mode introduces a unique twist to the traditional racing concept. In this mode, a hat will spawn on the track, and the objective is to grab and hold onto the hat for as long as possible. The longer you hold the hat, the more points you accumulate. However, be prepared for intense battles as other players attempt to knock the hat off your head and claim it for themselves.

Gem Collector

When joining this mode, the focus shifts to collecting valuable gems scattered throughout the tracks. Race against other players to gather as many gems as you can within a given time limit. Be swift and strategic in your movements, as other players may attempt to steal your hard-earned gems. The kart with the highest gem count at the end of the round emerges victoriously.

Capture the Flag

Welcome to Capture the Flag mode, teamwork and strategy are key to success. Compete as part of a team to capture the opposing team's flag while defending your own. Coordinate with your teammates, devise strategies, and utilize power-ups to gain an advantage. Protect your flag from being captured while strategically infiltrating the enemy base to secure their flag and bring it back to your own.

The outstanding features of the Smash Karts game

Multiplayer game

The game is designed for multiplayer fun, allowing you to compete against friends or online opponents in real-time races filled with chaos and excitement. If you prefer playing with friends in the same room, you'll be pleased to know that Smash Karts supports local multiplayer. Connect multiple controllers or devices to your gaming setup and enjoy some friendly competition with your buddies. Race head-to-head, unleash power-ups, and see who emerges as the champion of the track.

Customize your kart character

In Online Games, you can join many games with adorable characters. They are available and you can choose from them. You can unlock them using your gold coins. To get gold coins, you need to try to win races. New characters will bring interesting experiences for you. Maybe you will love this game after controlling the characters.