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Learn to survive in takes you to an island where you must try to survive as long as possible. Gather resources, hunt animals, craft tools, and construct buildings.

Collect resources and hunt animals

This game is inspired by the famous novel Robinson Crusoe. What would you do if you were Robinson getting stuck on the isolated island? Play this game and show us now. First, you should go around the island to collect the resources on the island. The resources can be wood, stone, iron ore, iron bars, sulfur, gunpowder, leaf, seed, coal, and so on. These resources can be used for different objectives. Moreover, you also need to hunt the animals on the island. These animals do not drop loot. However, they are used as resources to craft tools or construct buildings. Be careful when hunting the animals. The animals are really aggressive. For example, the bear is a formidable animal that will attack you if you want to approach it. However, if you can kill it, you will get its leather, hide, fat, raw meat, and bone. Ultimately, you should go inside the barrels to find the pistol book. Thanks for this book, you can learn more recipes in the workbench.

Craft tools and build structures

After harvesting a lot of resources, it is time to craft new tools. You should craft a hatchet to cut trees and animals. Besides, do not forget to craft the pickaxe to mine coal. In addition, you should craft some weapons such as a knife, a slingshot, a spear, and a stone arrow which can be used to attack other players or animals on the island. Finally, you should craft some items such as fences, stairs, pillars, midwalls, slopes, signposts, and so on. Then, use these items to construct a beautiful house. Note that you should create toolboxes to protect your house from decay and set building rights. If other players want to destroy your house and steal your tools, they need to enter the password of the toolboxes.

Fight against other players or make new friends

Like, this game also features multiplayer. Therefore, you are not alone on this island. You will meet many players when going around the world. These players are from all over the world. These players can attack you to protect their territory. Therefore, you must watch out for them. When someone wants to attack you, you should use your weapons to fight against them. However, some players are really friendly. Therefore, you can communicate with them and make new friends. You and other players can cooperate to build different buildings on the island and hunt for more resources.


Use the WASD keys to move.

Use the Spacebar to jump.

Use a T key to use the microphone.

Click the left mouse button to take action.

Use an F key to pick up objects.

Use a Tab key to open the inventory.

Use the Enter key to use the text chat.

Click the right mouse button to open the build menu.