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Introduction to the game

Skibidi Toilets simulates a fierce battle between toilet monsters and cameramen. You will have to destroy all monsters to pass a level. Good luck!

What is Skibidi Toilets?

The character Skibidi Toilets is becoming extremely popular today and it has also inspired many online games. It is a fictional character with a terrifying appearance. A head appears in the toilet. They become bigger and try to invade your city. You need to stand up and destroy these villains.

Many levels are waiting for you

There are many levels in this game. You must unlock each level one by one. Each level, you will have to destroy a certain number of Skibidi Toilets. When you are at a high level, the number of monsters you have to destroy increases. Furthermore, these toilet monsters are also equipped with guns. They can attack you from afar. How many levels can you pass in this game? We are waiting for your reply. You also can experience many levels in Apple Knight.

How to pass levels in Skibidi Toilets

The monsters are increasing in number. You need to understand the rules to be able to pass the levels in this game.

Shoot while moving

The monsters will move around the city looking for targets. As soon as they discover you, they will chase and attack you immediately. If you just stand still and shoot, you will easily get hit. So, keep moving. This will help you reduce enemy damage. In addition, this strategy also helps you avoid being surrounded by enemies. Move and aim accurately at the enemy.

Hire more cameramen

You can deal with 3 to 4 Skibidi Toilets alone. However, when the number of enemies reaches more than 10, you cannot fight alone. That's why you should hire cameramen. They will fight with you. With a large body, cameramen will be your great assistant in every battle. The more cameramen, the more your safety is guaranteed.

Tips to conquer this shooting game

Choose the right weapon in this Skibidi Toilet game

You can change the weapon that suits you in this game. Weapons with higher damage usually have a slower rate of fire. Guns with a fast rate of fire do not cause too much damage. Each weapon is a remote attack type. So, don't try to get close to the enemy. What's more, you can save money to buy new weapons besides hiring cameramen.

Move near the cameramen

Remember your purpose when hiring cameramen. You should move next to them to ensure your safety. Skibidi Toilets tend to move together at higher levels and it's difficult to kill them all at once. Furthermore, look at the mini-map on the screen to see the location of cameramen and enemies.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Swipe the mouse to aim and look around
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot
  • Press 1-5 keys to change weapons.