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Apple Knight

Apple Knight is a delightful adventure game with an enchanting world that provides an epic journey to you. Beating the monsters along the way is your task.

Fascinating plot of Apple Knight

An evil sorcerer named Morokar has risen to power in the kingdom of King Redbeard which is a once peaceful land. Morokar wants to use his dark magic and an army of monsters to plunge the kingdom into darkness. Thus, King Redbeard calls upon a legendary knight, known as the Apple Knight, to save the kingdom from its dark force. You play the role of the Apple Knight who is a brave warrior armed with a sword and a heart full of courage. Your mission is to travel through the kingdom to defeat fearsome creatures, and ultimately confront Morokar himself. Many obstacles are designed to attack you. So, be careful!

Apple Knight gameplay

This fun adventure game is a bit classic with retro graphics. In addition, you will also need to understand the rules and how to play this game. Don't worry because it won't be too difficult to remember.

Beat enemies

The monsters and bosses always want to stop your adventure. They stand along your way and wait for you. They are willing to attack you as soon as you appear. Many combats will happen. In this game, let's use your swordplay skills to slash and defeat foes. To kill them, it's better to employ well-timed attacks and evasive maneuvers to overcome their defenses. Remember to utilize your special abilities to gain an advantage in battles. You can throw the apples as the bullet to attack enemies from far distance.

Upgrades and Customization

After you accumulate golden apples, you can come to the store to upgrade your knight's abilities, unlock new equipment, and enhance your overall performance. You even can change the new characters with new abilities. Moreover, you should remember that the more weapons, the more powerful they are. Each weapon will have different features, so you need to read their description.

Solve Puzzles

This game brings puzzles and obstacles that require your problem-solving skills. Use your wits to navigate through complex platforms, activate switches, and find hidden passages. For example, you need to use a wooden box to hold a button which is used to open a gate. Solving these puzzles will unlock new areas and rewards.

Some main items and their benefits in Apple Knight

  • Golden Apples: These golden fruits serve as the currency in this game. You can collect them throughout your journey and use them to upgrade your knight's abilities, purchase new equipment, and enhance your overall performance.
  • Health Potions: When your character hurts, health potions provide a lifeline. When used, they instantly replenish a portion of your health. Keep a supply of health potions handy to restore vitality when the tides of battle turn against you.
  • Attack Boosts: These boosts increase temporarily in your attack strength. When it is activated, your sword strikes deal more damage to enemies.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to attack
  • Press the X key to throw

Once you understand how to play Apple Knight, you can immediately try this game. These levels are waiting for you. Can you overcome them and reach the end? After completing all levels, you can challenge yourself with other Online Games.