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The origin of Minesweeper

Challenge your luck by playing Minesweeper now. This puzzle game requires you to unlock the cells of the grid to find the numbers and dodge bombs.

This game was initially developed by Curt Johnson, but it was released by Robert Donner in 1992. After being launched, this minesweeper-type game captivated many players from all over the world and was appreciated by them. Then, the developer updated many new features which made this game more interesting. In 2000, the mines in this game were replaced by flowers, so its name was also changed to Flower Field. However, in 2003, the playing rules of this game were changed. You must find the mines instead of the numbers. Finally, the rules are changed and similar to the original version. It means that you must search for the numbers and evade the mines when playing this game. After that, the game was published on many platforms, which allows you to play this game on the web browser. You can use your PC, tablet, or mobile phone to play this game. In particular, like other Online Games, this game is suitable for players of all ages because of its benefits. It is considered to be the best choice to improve your problem-solving skills and exercise your brain. You also can play this game to relieve stress and improve your short-term memory.

The gameplay of Minesweeper

Disclose all grid cells

Actually, the playing rules of this game are as simple as the ones of Mahjong Alchemy or Apple Worm. In this game, you can see a grid of 400 cells. Each cell contains a number or mine. Your mission is to click on any cell to disclose it. If this cell contains the number, you will score 50 points. Moreover, if you can find many numbers at the same time, you will get more points. In contrast, if this cell contains a mine, the game is over. Therefore, you must try to find as many numbers as possible to gain the highest score and evade the mines. Note that you can mark with a flag all grid cells where you think there is mine. The game will end when all numbers are found. Besides, you should look at the timer at the right bottom of the screen. You have only 10 minutes. You must be quick to explore all numbers before the time is over. Try to determine if each cell is safe to open. Try not to miscalculate if you do not want to lose soon.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to unlock a cell or remove the flag.

Click the right mouse button to mark with a flag all grid cells.

Pro strategies to get a high score

Here are some useful tips that can help you earn a high score when playing this game.

  • Pay high concentration and try to guess the position of the number.
  • Do not try to unlock two adjacent cells.
  • Evade the cells near the four edges of the grid. It is said that there are many mines in these cells.
  • Start from the center of the grid.
  • Do try to unlock the cells near the numbers of the same color. These cells must contain mines.