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Moto X3M

The playing guideline of Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a must-try racing game in 2023 because it features not only many levels but also various bikes. Rush like a Mustang to reach the finish line soon.

How to win the races

This game is the original version of Moto X3M Pool Party. Therefore, it will have a similar gameplay. This challenging racing game is the best choice for racers because it allows you to race on stunt racetracks. These racetracks are not as flat as the ones of other racing games. Instead, the racetracks are really bumpy and dangerous. They are dangerous because you can encounter various obstacles such as giant buzzsaws, spike traps, and mines along the way. The giant buzzsaws can roll along the track and chase after you while the spike traps can move up or down. The mines will explode as soon as you approach them. You should pay attention to the traffic sign board along the way or drive your motorcycle skillfully to evade the obstacles. In addition, you should not let your motorcycle flip because this will make you lose the race. Keep in mind that reaching the finish line is your ultimate goal.

How to get three stars

Besides winning the races, you also need to get three stars in each race. So, what should you do to gain three stars? The answer is really simple. It is that you must reach the finish line as soon as possible. In each level, you are required to get to the finish line within a limited time. If you can complete the race within the allotted time, you will be rewarded with three stars. If you arrive at the finish line late, you will get two, one, or no stars. These stars are really important because they can be used as currency in this game. You can use these stars to purchase your favorite characters and motorcycles.


Use an up arrow key to move forward.

Use the left-right arrow keys to keep balance.

Use a down arrow key to stop.

Use the Spacebar to continue.

The latest updates of Moto X3M

This game was developed by Madpuffers in 2016 and captivated many players who like racing games. Like other Online Games, this game is also playable on many devices. Realizing the success of this game, the developer often updates new features for this game. This year, Madpuffers added more characters to the game. Therefore, you can buy up to 7 characters and motorcycles. They are a cool guy riding a scooter, a ninja riding a sportbike, Noob riding a cross, a skull guy riding a naked, Santa riding a cruiser, and a girl riding a pink naked. Many players express their love for this latest update.