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Gold Miner

About Gold Mine

Gold Miner offers a thrilling adventure where you become a skillful miner seeking fortune and riches. Try your best to meet the target before running time.

The game rules

In the game, timing is everything. Use your trusty claw to grab valuable treasures such as gold nuggets, gemstones, and bags of money. Wait for the right moment when the claw is directly above your desired target, then press the mouse button or tap the screen to release the claw and snatch your prize.

In addition, each level in Gold Miner has a specific monetary goal that you must achieve. Strategize your moves to ensure you reach the target amount within the given time limit. Prioritize grabbing the most valuable items first to maximize your earnings.

Your claw will automatically move to your right or left. You need to drop the claw at the right time and place to collect gold and other valuable resources such as diamonds, mystery bags, etc. Besides, As you delve deeper into the mine, you will encounter obstacles such as rocks, animals, or even TNT. Avoid grabbing these items as they will deduct precious time or cause your claw to malfunction. Stay focused and only go for the valuable treasures to keep your progress steady.

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To control the claw, you need to press the left mouse button to drop it. If you want to eliminate the rocks, you can use the bombs. You can throw them to save time.

Some tips to meet the target in Gold Miner

Utilize power-ups

Throughout the game, you may come across power-ups that can aid your mining endeavors. These can include dynamite to clear obstacles, strength boosts to enhance your claw's grabbing power, or time extensions to give you more precious moments. Use these power-ups wisely to your advantage. Some power-ups you can buy are Bombs, Strengthen Drink, Lucky Grass, Value Rocks, etc.

Upgrade your equipment

As you accumulate wealth, consider investing in upgrades for your mining gear. Upgrading your claw, strength, or speed can greatly enhance your mining efficiency and help you reach your monetary goals more quickly. Hope that you can earn a lot of money and complete all your targets. Have fun!