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Basket Random

What interesting things about Basket Random?

Basket Random challenges you to embark on basketball matches. Play against the CPU or your friend and throw the ball into the basket to earn more points.

Basketball matches

Do you know which basketball is the best in Online Games? The answer is Basket Random. In this game, you are motivated to participate in thrilling basketball matches. In a basketball match, each player is required to earn five points first. To gain this high score, you must guide the members of your team to catch the ball and throw it into the basket. You cannot control the characters to move left or right. Instead, their bodies will swing constantly. When the character swings forward, you can press the spacebar or up arrow to make the character jump forward. When the character swings backward, you can press the spacebar to help the character to jump backward. Learn about the controls of all characters and try to win the basketball matches. After winning the basketball matches in this game, you can join other ones in Basketball Stars or

Random elements

As its name suggests, the features in this game are chosen at random. These features include the basketball players, the playing fields, and the balls. Specifically, there are many types of balls including light balls, heavy balls, and basketballs. The light ball can fly high while it is hard to throw the heavy ball into the far distance. In addition, the physical characteristics of the basketball players also change after joining the new basketball match. You must utilize these characteristics to win the game. For example, if your characters have a long arm, you can guide these characters to steal the ball from the opponents easily. Finally, you can easily realize that the playing fields also alter. The height of the basket can be really high or really low. If the basket is high, you should jump higher to throw the ball into it. If the basket is too low, you should not throw the ball too high.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Use a W key to control.

PLAYER 2: Use a UP ARROW key to control.

The game modes in Basket Random

1-Player Game

When speaking of the game modes in this game, I really recommend the 1-player mode. This game mode is suitable for the player who wants to play this game alone or practice with a CPU. When playing against the CPU, you should try your best because the computer players are really smart. You must apply different strategies and basketball techniques to become the winner. Furthermore, I believe you can learn many things from this computer player.

2-Player Game

This game also offers the 2-player mode. This game mode encourages you to invite your friends to play with you. You and your friend can use the same device and keyboard to play this game. This is also an opportunity for you to tighten your friendship and have fun. Do your best to earn more points than your rival to become the victor of the basketball matches.