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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is considered to be one of the best brain-teasing games. Play as a green worm that wants to consume a yummy apple and enter the portal.

On the surface, this game looks like other snake games such as because it requires you to take control of the green worm to eat the red apple. However, in fact, eating this apple is a challenging mission for you. If you enter a dead end, there is no way for you to turn around and continue your adventure. Therefore, try not to reach a dead end. If the worm can eat the apple, it will become longer. At this time, it is confident to easily reach the portal located at a far distance. If you can control the worm to enter the portal, the level will be completed and you can step into another one. In addition, after winning a level, you can submit your score to know your rank on the leaderboards. Note that your ranks in the daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards will be different. If you can get the first rank on the all-time leaderboard, it means that you are the most intelligent player in this game.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to guide the worm to crawl around.

Challenging levels of Apple Worm

In this game, you are required to finish 30 levels and they have different degrees of difficulty. The first 8 levels are considered to be the easiest levels. Meanwhile, the other ones are super challenging and require your logical thinking to complete. You should put a lot of effort into beating all levels in this game. Ultimately, Apple Worm is a masterfully made video game and one that cements itself atop the puzzle genre. It is possible to say that this is the best game I have ever played.