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Five Nights at Freddy's

Experience the creepy environments in this game

Five Nights at Freddy's is the original version of the popular horror game series. Your mission is to stay alive for 5 nights at a creepy pizzeria.

When entering the pizzeria, you immediately feel unease and tension. You are the guard who has to work at night when many strange things happen. Besides this game, you also can test your reflexes in Granny 3.

Dark office

You only can stay at a small office which is dimly lit. The hallway is dark and it seems like it contains some dangerous creatures. The darkness adds to the feeling of isolation and vulnerability, making every creak and shadow feel more ominous.

Haunting animatronics

The huge toys become angry and dangerous at night although they're cute during the day. Playing this game in the first person brings the most realistic experience to you. In the dark, many eyes are staring at you.

How to prevent animatronics' attack in Five Nights at Freddy's

These animatronics will gradually approach your office. As soon as they jump on you, you will be killed. Therefore, you must prevent them from entering your office through the hallway.

Monitor the enemies' movement

The pizzeria has many cameras and you take advantage of them. Let's observe the animatronics. They'll move from one room to another until they reach your office. Knowing where they are will help you make appropriate plans to save your life.

Close the door and turn on the light

You can fight the animatronics directly because of their huge size. They have a weakness which is their fear of light. You can turn on the light in the hallway when they try to approach you. However, there are some powerful animatronics that only can be prevented by closing the door. The power to turn on the light or close the door is limited, so you need to use them wisely. Are you scared? If yes, there are other fun games in Online Games for you.