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Granny 3

The Rules of Granny 3

Granny 3 is the third version of the Granny series which features new things. Find the key and escape from the house without being noticed by the grandma.

Escape from the house

If you are a big fan of the Granny series, you should not ignore this game. In this game, you get trapped in the haunted house. This house is also the living place of the Grandma. You must get out of the house as soon as possible. There are 10 levels and each level features a distinct mission. You must complete all levels and tasks to leave the house. Besides, you also need to take caution with the monsters who are Slendrina, Grandpa, Teddy, Robot, Alligator, and Granny. They will appear suddenly or go around to find you. If you get caught, you will be murdered. Therefore, try to stay away from them at all costs. Try to go around silently because all monsters are really sensitive to the noise. Moreover, you can find weapons such as the slingshots or shotgun to fight against these monsters.

Utilize the items

Besides, you also need to find different items in the house because they are really useful for you to escape. Here is the list of useful items.

  • Fuse: You must find and insert this fuse into the slot that exists on the front side. This helps to unlock the front gate.
  • Generator Cable: You can use this cable to activate the Generator.
  • Accelerator: This item can be used to activate the Train.
  • Lockpick: You need to use this item to unlock the locked door.
  • Padlock Key: If you want to the padlock on the Pedestal Safe, you should find this key.
  • Safe Key: You can use this key to open the Safe.
  • Shed Key: You can find and use this key to unlock the padlock that keeps the Shed door locked.
  • Weapon Key: Because all weapons are in the Weapon safe. Therefore, you need to find this key to unlock the Weapon Safe and gets the key.
  • Firewood: If you want to chase the Crow away from the Bird's Nest, you must fire the Firewood. The Crow really hates the smoke.
  • Matches: This item can be used to make the Firewood fired.
  • Plank: You can place this item on the broken floor in the Attic Hall to reach the Old Bedroom.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to look around and move.

Press the spacebar to jump.

The developer and platform

Granny 3 was the horror game developed by DVloper and released on June 3, 2021. Because Granny: Chapter Two and Granny was really successful, the developer decided to create this third installment. Like other horror games in Online Games, this game can be played on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. In this third version, you can explore a new story and encounter new enemies who is Slendrina. Slendrina is the grandaughter of Granny.