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Participate in the intense battles in Krunker

The fierce combat

Krunker is a thrilling first-person perspective shooter. You can join and combat others in a pixelated world to become the last one to survive.

The game is renowned for its action-packed, fast-paced gameplay. The matches are quick, and the action is intense, challenging your reflexes and aiming skills. The game rewards quick thinking, precision, and strategic positioning. Get ready for a thrilling experience as you engage in rapid-fire battles. In addition, Krunker has a competitive side, with players participating in tournaments and leagues. If you are looking for a more serious and competitive experience, you can join or spectate competitive matches and witness skilled players showcase their abilities. Engaging in the competitive scene can provide a new level of challenge and excitement.

Like Funny Shooter 2 and Funny Shooter, it is a browser-based game, meaning you can play it directly in your web browser without the need for extensive downloads or installations. This accessibility makes it easy to jump into the action and enjoy the game from various devices. Then, you should access Online Games to immerse in other exciting battles.


W: Move forward

A: Move left

S: Move backward

D: Move right

Spacebar: Jump

Shift: Slide

Left Mouse Button: Shoot

Right Mouse Button: Aim down sights (ADS)

R: Reload

F: Throw a grenade

E: Melee attack

G: Spray graffiti/tag

Tab: View scoreboard

M: Toggle the map overlay

C: View and customize loadout

T: Chat with other players

Enter: Open the in-game console

The game modes of Krunker

The game features various game modes to suit different playstyles and preferences. Some popular modes include Free for All (FFA), Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Hardpoint. The many objectives and challenges presented by each mode make gaming interesting and varied.

Free for All (FFA)

In FFA mode, it's every player for themselves. Your goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible and reach the top of the leaderboard. It's a chaotic and intense mode where you'll need to showcase your shooting skills and quick reflexes to come out on top.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, you'll join forces with other players to form a team. The objective is to eliminate members of the opposing team and earn points for your side. Communication and coordination with your teammates are vital to secure victory in this mode.

Capture the Flag

In this classic mode, two teams battle it out to capture and secure the enemy's flag while simultaneously protecting their own. Teamwork, strategy, and efficient flag retrieval are crucial to claim victory in Capture the Flag.


Hardpoint mode revolves around capturing and holding specific points on the map. Teams must vie for control of these points to earn points for their side. Coordination, map control, and defending the hard points are key to success in this mode.