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Funny Shooter

About Funny Shooter

The principle of the game

Funny Shooter is a delightful shooting game indeed. Your mission is to navigate your character to combat and defeat others before they knock you down.

The game places a strong emphasis on humor and comedic elements throughout the gameplay. It aims to bring laughter and amusement to players through quirky characters, humorous weapons, and amusing situations.

Besides, it incorporates shooting mechanics as a central gameplay element. Players will engage in shooting-based challenges, aiming to hit targets, defeat enemies, or complete objectives using a variety of amusing weapons. The game aims to create a light-hearted and playful atmosphere. The game's colorful visuals, whimsical art style, and silly sound effects contribute to this enjoyable atmosphere, enhancing your experience.

Despite its humorous nature, the game also provides challenging gameplay elements. Players will encounter various obstacles, enemy patterns, and levels that require strategic thinking, precision, and skill to overcome.

This game is released for players who are passionate about shooting. You can practice your abilities through this game. Professional shooters also play games to practice. You can become a master in this game if you practice.

Control the character

The game requires you to use many operations to control your character. If you want to play games well, you need to master them. You can see the instructions below. You should remember them so you can protect your character in dangerous situations.

WASD to move.

Shift to run.

The mouse to look around.

The left mouse to shoot.

The right mouse to aim.

R to reload.

G to throw a grenade.

T to inspect the weapon.

E to remove the weapon.

Scroll wheel to next/ leading weapon.

1-7 weapon hotkeys.

Tab to pause.

Some outstanding traits of Funny Shooter

Quirky Characters

The game is known for its cast of eccentric and wacky characters. From silly animals to comical monsters, each character adds a humorous element to the game. You will encounter amusing and amusingly bizarre enemies as you progress through the levels. You should join the game and try to control your character.

If you want to experience other characters, you can move to other games in Online Games. You can control them in the thrilling games.

Hilarious Weapons

You have access to an assortment of strange and amusing weaponry. The weaponry in this game is made to make you smile because of their looks. They look more eye-catching with colorful skins.