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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker turns any player into a talented cookie maker. It's very easy to create delicious cookies which can be used to buy some items.

Idle game with simple gameplay

You only have one target in this game: make as many cookies as possible. You don't need to follow the complex recipe or tools. Click the left mouse button to create the cookies.

Suitable for all players

With simple graphics and easy controls, this game is even suitable for children. They can play this game during recess at school. This game will save your game progress. So, you can continue your mission the next time you play. Even once you've purchased the upgrades, you can just sit and look at the cookies. They will be created automatically. This idle game is even suitable for busy people.

Simple controls

You just need to click to create cookies. Naturally, you can also use automatic methods to create cakes automatically. This will help you save more effort. There are many other simple games which can be found in Online Games.

Ways to create cookies in Cookie Clicker

Click on the giant cookie

On the Cookie Clicker screen, you'll see a large cookie in the center. Start by clicking on it repeatedly to generate your first cookies. Each click will add a certain number of cookies to your total count.

Upgrade your clicking power

As you accumulate cookies, you can use them to purchase upgrades. Look for the "Store" tab on the left side of the screen and explore the available upgrades. Some upgrades will increase the number of cookies you earn per click, allowing you to accumulate cookies faster.

Unlock buildings

In addition to clicking on the giant cookie, you can automate your cookie production by purchasing buildings. Buildings like cursors, grandmas, and farms generate cookies over time. To purchase buildings, click on the "Store" tab and select the desired building. The more buildings you have, the more cookies you'll produce.

Purchase upgrades for buildings

Just like with clicking upgrades, you can also enhance your building efficiency. Look for upgrades specifically tailored for each building type. These upgrades will significantly boost your overall cookie production.

In general, you need to spend a lot of time to create millions of cookies. Upgrade and unlock as many buildings as possible to create more cookies at the same time. This game is extremely addictive and you may be surprised at how many cookies you can make. How many cookies can you make? Don't hesitate to let us know.