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Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple

Explore Forest Temple in version 1 of this action game series

Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple is a fun two-player game for all ages. You will control two main characters to overcome many difficulties in this game.

Experience the original version

Fireboy and Watergirl was released on November 19, 2009 but these series are still famous until now. The two main characters are fireboy and watergirl. Each character has a different element of power. Therefore, they will have different strengths and weaknesses. The background of this game is a forest temple. You can see a very ancient temple with a green theme.

Pass many levels

This game contains many different levels and you and your partner must overcome them one by one. The difficulty levels are increasing. At the first level, there is a guide for you to play this game. Some players have to give up after some levels. Are you patient enough to complete this game? I'm waiting for your feedback. You also may like another 2 player game called 8 Ball Billiards Classic.

How to reach the exit doors in Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple

To pass a level, both characters must go through the exit doors. The exit door may be located in a random position. They can be next together or far from each other. Based on the sign on the door to know which door is for Fireboy and which door is for Watergirl.

Cooperate together

The combination of the partners is extremely important in two-player games. If one character is hurt, another can't continue the adventure. Each player needs to keep the character safe until reaching the destination. Sometimes, you must help each other to pass some gates and use the lift. For example, the fireboy needs to hold the button for the watergirl to use the lift. There are always two buttons to control a lift. Then, the watergirl will do the same thing for fireboy.

The rules for the two main characters

The fireboy with fire element power can't touch the water while the water girl can't walk through the lava. There are many different lava and water goos on the way, so players must know the weaknesses of the characters. Let's jump over all the green goos because they are able to hurt anyone.

Collect gems and finish levels quickly in Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple

Many blue and red gems appear on the way. The fireboy grabs the red gems and the watergirl collects the blue gems. You just need to control the character and go through these gems to get them. Although the timer of this game isn't limited, it's better to finish the game quickly. The time you finish a level affects directly the number of stars you get. Cooperate together and go through the exit door quickly now!

Game control

  • Fireboy: use arrow keys to control
  • Watergirl: use WASD to navigate.