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8 Ball Billiards Classic

Relax with billiard in this game

8 Ball Billiards Classic simulates the pool table with realistic graphics. With simple rules, every player can become a professional billiards player.

Basic gameplay

This online billiards game retains the basic gameplay of billiards. You need to pocket enough balls given. You can see the balls you need to pocket through the left corner of the screen. You need to push these balls into the holes on the pool table. If you can push the necessary ball and hole then you can continue playing. Otherwise, it will be your opponent's turn. If you can complete the task in one turn without letting your opponent touch the stick, you will absolutely win.

Two game modes

You can enjoy two different game modes in this game. In fact, these two modes have the same gameplay and background. However, your opponents will change in each mode. In Vs Computer mode, you will play against the CPU. If you are just a beginner, the CPU might even beat you. You can invite your friends to join the 2-player mode and the two will become rivals. Are you ready for the billiards competition?

A few things to keep in mind when playing 8 Ball Billiards Classic

If you've never played billiards, I can give you a few things to keep in mind. To be able to conquer this game, you need to understand some billiards rules. In case you want to play other games, let's come to Online Games.

Things you should do

The specified billiard balls will not appear on the first shots. The designated billiard balls will be divided into 2 sides. They will be numbered. Your assigned balls can be from 1 to 7 or from 9 to 15. If the first ball you pocket is a 5, your assigned ball will be from 1 to 7. You should only pocket balls that are points. Also, try to pocket the indicated balls continuously. Thus, the opponent will not have a chance to play. Of course, victory will be for you. Remember to pocket the number 8 ball after you have the specified number of balls.

Things you shouldn't do

The cue ball is used to push designated balls into the hole. So you must not put it in the hole. If this happens, you will lose your turn. In addition, ball number 8 will not be pocketed while your designated ball is still on the billiards table. Don't let your opponent's designated balls fall into the hole! Thus, the enemy does not need to play but can still complete the task.

How to control:

You just need to use the mouse to play. Click and hold the left mouse button to adjust the force and angle. Then, release to hit the ball.