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Drift Boss

Welcome to the race in Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a thrilling racing game featuring fast-paced stunts. It requests you to drift over corners of the track and pick up the gold coins along the way.

You will become a world-famous pro drifter when playing this game. Your task is to drift over many corners of the racetrack without falling off the racetrack. If you fall off the racetrack, you can rewind to the beginning of the race and try again. In addition, the coins along the way are rewards for you, so you should collect as many coins as you can. Note that this game offers three power-ups which are Double Zcore, Car Insurance, and Coin Rush. Each power-up will assist you in different ways. For example, the Double Score will help to raise my score while the Coin Rush helps you earn more coins. Finally, the Car Insurance allows me to reappear at the nearby place and continue your race. Besides, you should take a look at another drifting game named Crazy Drift on our website.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or release it to turn left or right.

Cars and daily rewards in Drift Boss

Like Drift F1, this game also features many cars that are sold at a garage. These cars have cool designs and colors. If you want to buy your favorite car, you must collect and accumulate the coins. Furthermore, to earn more coins, you can sign in and play the game every day to get the daily rewards.The daily rewards are not only many coins but also power-ups and cars. In conclusion, this game offers a fulfilling car racing experience for both newcomers and seasoned veterans. Impressive graphics, various types of cars, and simple mechanics all contribute to an interesting experience. It is possible to say that this game achieves the ideal balance between realism and thrill, so you should try playing it now if you have free time.