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Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift is a racing game that takes the excitement of drifting to the next level. The fast-paced gameplay brings an adrenaline-filled experience to you.

Walkthrough Crazy Drift's features

No one can deny the appeal of this drifting game. You will see a simple car and do some drifting. To better understand the game, I will introduce some of its features to you.

Easy Controls

Although this game provides challenging gameplay, the controls are intuitive and user-friendly. You only need to steer the car with arrow keys. The accessible controls allow players of all skill levels to enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed. However, I think you should spend time getting used to the directions of the car while moving.

Challenging tracks

Each level of the game has a different track. Each track is designed with its own set of challenges, including tight corners, obstacles, and changing road conditions. Players must showcase their drifting skills and navigate these tracks with precision to achieve high scores.

Multiple levels

The game has a total of 24 levels and the difficulty will gradually increase with each level. These levels will not have a time limit. However, you can challenge yourself to complete the track the fastest. The time you complete a level will be displayed in the main menu. How many levels can you complete? After completing the levels, don't forget to experience other races in Online Games.

How to pass a level in Crazy Drift

This game is not difficult to understand the rules. If you are a pro, you can skip this tutorial.

Collect white gems

You will see a simple location where white gems appear. They are the key for you to complete your race. You just need to drive your car through these gems to collect them. In the first level, you just need to catch a gem. However, the number of gems will increase in subsequent levels. There will be a number of obstacles that make it difficult for you to collect gems. However, you just need to do drifting to get past them.

Complete as quickly as possible

You will see a timer continuously running on the screen. Although the game does not specify a required time to complete a track, it is better to complete it quickly. You can challenge your friends by seeing who can get through a level the fastest. This game can be run on both PC and phone. This will make it convenient for you to play even on the go. Please share this game with people around you if you like it.