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Tiny Fishing

The Principles of Tiny Fishing

Why don't you try playing Tiny Fishing to go fishing with the old man now? Catching rare fish in the lake and raising fish are your ultimate objectives.

Catch the fish in the lake

If you are keen on fishing, you should not ignore this game. Actually, this game is an amazing combination of clicker and fishing games. In this game, you just need to click the left mouse button to catch the fish. Specifically, you can see the meter at the center of the screen. When the riddle in the meter points to the Max zone, you need to click the left mouse button to start to drop the hook. After the hook reaches the bottom of the lake, you must hold the left mouse button to control the hook to swing to the left or right to catch fish. Note that the number of fish you can catch is limited. After you catch a limited number of fish, the hook will be pulled up quickly. The fish you catch will be sold and you will earn money and coins. Furthermore, sometimes, you can find some treasure chests which contain many coins. You should try to take these treasure chests at all costs.

Upgrade the statistics

The money you earn can be used to upgrade the Max Fishes, Max Depth, and Offline Earnings. If you upgrade the Max Fishes, you can catch more fish the next time. If you upgrade the Max Depth, you can drop the hook deeper in the lake. If you upgrade the Offline Earnings, you can earn extra money without selling fish. In addition, if you catch many fish, you will be rewarded with three goldfish. These goldfish can be used to unlock three gifts which can be many coins, money, or new hooks. Interesting, right? Play this game now to have a great day of fishing. Besides, let's enjoy more Online Games on our website.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to drop the fishing hook and hold the left mouse button to control it.

More things you can do in Tiny Fishing

Buy new hooks in the shop

In the shop, you can purchase new hooks which can be a bait holder, circle, treble, siwash, kahle, and octopus. These hooks have different designs and colors. You must use your coins to unlock a random hook or unlock the gifts to get new hooks. Note that the price will increase whenever you unlock a random hook. For example, you just need to pay 500 coins to buy a hook for the first time. However, if you want to unlock another hook, you must pay 600 coins. Therefore, it is important for you to earn as many coins as possible.

Raise fish

Besides catching fish, you also can raise fish. Whenever you catch a new type of fish, you can raise it in your aquarium. Moreover, you do not need to feed or take care of the fish in the aquarium. Instead, they will produce money automatically. Whenever you lack money, you can collect money from these fish. Attempt to raise as many fish as possible to gain extra money.