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Tower Defense

General information about Tower Defense

Join the war to protect humans from monsters in Tower Defense now. Build different towers along the way to stop monsters from destroying your kingdom.

The story and your mission

Like other Online Games, this game also has an attractive story behind it. A hundred years ago, a harmonious coexistence between humans and monsters prevailed. Humans resided in majestic castles, while monsters thrived in the depths of the forest. This delicate balance, however, was disrupted when the monster king and his army launched an aggressive assault on the human castle. As the kingdom's most skilled warrior, the responsibility falls upon you to defend your realm. Your mission is to strategically construct towers along the path to the castle, each serving a unique purpose in thwarting the relentless waves of monsters. By earning coins through successful monster eliminations, you can reinforce your defenses and ultimately safeguard the kingdom from imminent destruction.

Types of Towers in the game

In the face of the monstrous onslaught, the key to victory lies in the construction of four distinct types of towers. Each tower possesses specific abilities to counter the diverse threats posed by the enemy:

  • Arrow Tower: This tower stands as the stalwart defender, constantly launching arrows at approaching monsters. Its swift projectiles pierce through the enemy ranks, effectively eliminating individual threats and impeding their progress.
  • Cannon Tower: A formidable force to reckon with, the cannon tower hurls spiked balls at the encroaching monsters. These devastating projectiles possess immense destructive power, which makes them ideal for neutralizing clustered groups of adversaries.
  • Lightning Tower: The lightning tower harnesses the power of electricity, unleashing a dazzling lightning laser to momentarily stun and disorient multiple monsters simultaneously. This strategic advantage provides a temporary respite, allowing for more efficient elimination of the enemy forces.
  • Ice Tower: In the face of overwhelming numbers, the ice tower serves as a vital tool for slowing down the advancing hordes. By freezing monsters in their tracks, this tower diminishes their mobility and offers a crucial advantage in maintaining control over the battlefield.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the tower.

All levels in Tower Defense

This interesting game requires you to complete 17 levels. As you progress through each level, the challenge escalates, requiring adaptability and strategic tower deployment. The advancing waves of monstrous adversaries necessitate careful consideration of tower types and placement to overcome the mounting odds. The final level, with its super challenging encounter against the monster king, represents the ultimate trial. By devising effective strategies, upgrading towers, and applying sound tactical judgment, you have the opportunity to secure the safety and triumph of your kingdom, preserving the delicate balance between humans and monsters for generations to come.