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Super Mario Bros

Addictive gameplay of Super Mario Bros

Brace yourself with exciting adventures in Super Mario Bros. It is time to go with Mario to explore new worlds to find mysterious secrets and overcome dangers.

Like Wario Land 4, this game was also published by Nintendo. It has been famous for many years and now it is available online. You can play it on your PC or mobile devices.

The adventure

In this game, you will embark on an adventure through seven distinct worlds, each with its own unique landscapes, challenges, and adversaries. Leap with all your might to avoid treacherous hazards and foes that lie in your path. Alternatively, seize power-ups to enhance your abilities and gain invincibility against incoming threats. Furthermore, keep in mind the importance of collecting as many coins as you can to boost your overall score. Give it your all and may fortune favor you on your quest!



Use a down arrow key to sit down

Use an up arrow key to look up

Use a Z or X key to jump

Use an ENTER or C or S key to start

Use an X or Z to select

All levels in Super Mario Bros

This game allows you to explore 4 worlds.

  • World 1-1: The Beginning of an Adventure: This world serves as the perfect introduction to Super Mario Bros. It starts with a gentle slope and a few strategically placed Goombas, allowing you to grasp the basic mechanics of running and jumping. The level gradually introduces iconic elements like question blocks, power-ups, and the classic flagpole at the end. This world's simplicity and elegance have made it one of the most recognizable and beloved levels in gaming history.
  • World 1-2: Underground Exploration: This world takes you into the underground tunnels of the Mushroom Kingdom. It introduces hidden blocks, secret paths, and new enemies like Koopa Troopas. The level's vertical scrolling sections and the challenge of navigating through a maze-like structure add depth and variety to the gameplay, encouraging you to explore and discover hidden secrets.
  • World 4-1: Giant Land: This world introduces a unique twist to the game. The level features oversized enemies like giant Goombas and Koopa Troopas, creating a sense of wonder and a new level of challenge. You must adapt your strategy and timing to overcome these colossal foes, adding excitement and novelty to the gameplay experience.
  • World 5-2: Sky High Adventure: This world takes you to the sky, offering a vertically scrolling level filled with floating platforms and perilous jumps. The level's emphasis on precise timing and careful maneuvering creates a thrilling sense of vertigo as you navigate through the clouds. It showcases the game's versatility in incorporating different environments and introduces you to the concept of aerial platforming.
  • World 6-3: Slippery Ice Land: This world transports you to the icy landscapes of Iceland. The level is filled with slippery surfaces, making movement more challenging and requiring you to adapt your control and timing. It introduces hazards like ice blocks and Spiny enemies, adding an element of strategic thinking to overcome the icy obstacles. World 6-3's unique mechanics provide a refreshing change of pace and demonstrate the game's ability to create diverse and memorable gameplay experiences.
  • World 7-4: Navigating the Maze: This world presents you with a castle level that is a labyrinthine maze. This level requires careful exploration, as you must find the correct path while avoiding traps and enemies. The level's intricate design and the suspense of not knowing what lies around each corner create a sense of tension and reward strategic thinking.