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Wario Land 4

The Adventure in Wario Land 4

Try out the fourth installment named Wario Land 4 now. Traverse many lands gather treasures that can be used to unlock the pyramid and save the princess.

When speaking of one of the best controller games, this game is the first choice. This game features not only a captivating plot but also addictive gameplay.

The storyline

The story starts when the news about a mysterious pyramid is announced in the newspaper. After reading this news, Wario cannot hesitate anymore. He starts his new adventure to explore this pyramid because he hears that this pyramid hides many valuable treasures. After reaching the pyramid, a black cat appears. Then, he follows this cat and jumps into a hole. This hole leads him to a mysterious room which is actually Golden Diva's room. In this room, he explores a story about the ruler of this pyramid. The real ruler of this pyramid is Princess Shokora. However, one day, the Golden Diva appears and curses the princess. The princess transforms into a black cat and stands in front of the pyramid to help all treasure hunters get into the pyramid. To save the princess, Wario has to defeat the Golden Diva.

Your mission

In this adventure, your goal is to find four treasures. These treasures are scattered over many lands. In these lands, you will take caution with dangerous obstacles such as electric sparks, spikes, togetoges, pistons, and so on. You must jump as high as possible to avoid these dangers and continue your adventure. Besides these hazards, you also need to encounter many 6 bosses who are Spoiled Rotten, Cractus, Cuckoo Condor, Aerodent, Catbat, and Golden Diva. To defeat them, you should collect power-ups which will make you more powerful. In addition, you need to gather hearts, coins, and crystals. They can be used to purchase useful items.


Use the Arrow Key to move.

Use an X key to jump.

Use a Z key to hit the blocks and enemies.

Hold an R + Left-Right Arrow Key for a dash attack.

Note: You can use the game controller to control Wario.

More information about Wario Land 4

All lands and levels

When playing this game, you will have a chance to discover 6 lands including Entry Passage, Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Topaz Passage, Sapphire Passage, and Golden Pyramid. In the Entry Passage, you must complete a level named Hall of Hieroglyphs. After completing this level, you can understand the playing rules and the controls of the game. Next, the Emerald Passage features four levels including Palm Tree Paradise, Wildflower Fields, Mystic Lake, and Monsoon Jungle. In these levels, you must fight against Cractus. Then, in the Ruby Passage, you have to complete 4 levels and battle with Cuckoo Condor. The Topaz Passage and Sapphire Passage also have 8 levels. Finally, in the Golden Pyramid, you need to knock out the final boss named Golden Diva to break the curse and rescue the princess.

The item shop

If you want to become stronger, you can purchase items in the item shop.

  • Apple Bomb: You can throw apple bombs to take down the bosses.
  • Blast Cannon: This bomb will cause greater damage. So, use it to defeat the final bosses in the lands.
  • Vizorman: This vizorman can launch the laser to shoot the bosses.
  • Bugle: You can use it to hit the bosses.
  • Black Dog: This will make you transform into the Black Dog that can bite the bosses.
  • Large Lips: This will make you become the Large Lip that can kiss the bosses to assassinate them.
  • Big Fist: This will make you become Big Fist who can punch the bosses to kill them.
  • Black Dragon: After purchasing this, you will become the Black Dragon and launch fires to murder bosses.