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Blob Opera

About this game

Blob Opera is a unique combination of music and online games. You will create music by dragging slimes. Record your performance and share it with your friends.

The inspiration for Blob Opera

Have you ever heard about "four-part-harmony" which is a traditional singing style? You can see four colorful blobs that are present for the harmonies. There are four blobs and you need to drag them. Each blob has a different voice. Your mission is to control the pitch and timbre of each blob. From that, you can create great harmonies.

Method to show off your creativity

There are tons of different harmonies that can be made from the rhythm of this game. From that, you can explore your creativity. Even when you have no idea of the music knowledge, you still make your own harmony easily. This game is suitable for children because it can enhance their musical sense.

Create your own harmony in Blob Opera

Understand each voice type

There are four voices including bass, tenor, alto, and soprano. The bass voice is the lowest, followed by tenor, alto, and soprano in ascending order of pitch. When you know these voice features, you can combine them effectively.

Coordinate the pitch

The key to creating harmony is to ensure that the pitches of the blobs complement each other. You can achieve this by positioning the blobs at different heights to create intervals such as thirds, fifths, or octaves. For example, placing one blob higher than another by a specific interval can create a pleasing harmony.

Try different combinations

The various combinations of blobs and their positions can create a lot of harmonies. You can create chords by positioning blobs at different heights simultaneously. For example, placing the bass and tenor blobs lower and the alto and soprano blobs higher can create a four-part harmony.

Record and send to friends

This game allows you to record your own amazing music. So, you can listen to your melodies at any time. In addition, the game also provides the function of sharing achievements with everyone. If you feel your remix is great, you can send it to your friends or relatives. I'm sure they will appreciate your results. This game has really peaceful gameplay but you want to enjoy some thrilling things. You can find any games you like in Online Games. Hope you can choose your favorite game.