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Drift F1

Join the drifting races in Drift F1

Drift F1 is a great place for car lovers who want to show off their driving and drifting skills. Try to complete one lap in the shortest time to win the game.

Admittedly, unlike other driving games, this game has more addictive gameplay. It requires you to race on 35 racetracks, In particular, only one racetrack is unlocked. If you want to unlock more race tracks, you must win the drifting race. It is easy to become a victor in this game. You just need to go from the starting points and complete one lap without going off the racetrack. When you see the curves or corners along the racetrack, hold or release the left mouse button to make drifts. In fact, all races in this game are unrivaled. Therefore, you do not need to worry about competing with other racers. However, there is a leaderboard that displays the names, ranks, and scores of the top players. This leaderboard appears right after you win a race. You can submit your score to know what your rank is. Can you gain a high rank on the leaderboard?

How to control: Hold or release the left mouse button to turn left or right.

The cars in Drift F1

If you visit the garage of this game, you will be overwhelmed by the number of cars in this game. There are up to 8 cars with different designs that you can buy. Moreover, they are colorful. You must try to pick up as many coins as possible and use them to buy new cars in this garage. Ultimately, this game proves that everyone can become the best drifter. Drift F1 is as enjoyable to listen to at normal speed as it is to play. Try it out if you have moments of entertainment after working hard all day. In addition, I want to introduce another interesting drifting game named Crazy Drift on our website.