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Funny Shooter 2

The intense battle in Funny Shooter 2

The missions in the game

Funny Shooter 2 offers a thrilling shooting battle where you combat weird opponents. You need to shoot them down before they attack you to exist.

Welcome to this fiery battle. This is your lone match. You will fight alone with many other opponents. They will gradually appear to surround your character. You will face many dangers. You must hone your abilities if you wish to succeed.

The first-person game will open up the whole scene of the match. You will play the role of a skilled gunman. Can you master using guns? You will shoot guns at your opponents to eliminate them from the playing field. However, things are not as simple as you imagine. Opponents are constantly rushing towards you. They have weapons such as hammers and pans. They can cause your character to lose HP. So, you need to protect your characters by removing them first.

In addition, you will have to use all your abilities and abilities to fight. You will level up if you destroy all opponents on the playing field. The highest level in the game is the Boss level. You will encounter many dangerous bosses. They possess large bodies and advanced weapons. You must become a master to be able to defeat them.

Navigate the character

WASD to move.

Shift to run.

The mouse to look around.

The left mouse to shoot.

The right mouse to aim.

R to reload.

G to throw a grenade.

T to inspect the weapon.

E to remove the weapon.

Scroll wheel to next/ leading weapon.

1-7 weapon hotkeys.

Tab to pause.

Some tactics to win Funny Shooter 2

Purchase edge-cutting weapons

You should buy new weapons to join the match. There are many different types of guns. You can buy them using your gold coins. The new guns will have outstanding features. They help you aim and shoot effectively. You should change guns as soon as you have enough gold coins. This amount of gold will belong to you after you shoot down an enemy. Make an effort to collect a large number of coins. All weapons will assist you in the game.

Choose the upgrades

Upgrades in the game can also be boosted by coins. Firstly, you should boost your character's HP. You can last longer in the playground if you have enough energy to fight. Next, the magnet is also a beneficial power-up. You don't need to waste time running to collect coins. They will automatically collect the coins for you. You should buy them now. Finally, don't forget to buy grenades. If there are many enemies surrounding you, you can use them to eliminate them.

Daily goals in the game

You will receive different goals daily. On the first day, you can achieve headshots, killer redman, or banker. Completing these targets will give you a large amount of coins. Wishing you success with your mission. Playing Online Games regularly also helps you get many different rewards.