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What appealing about

The game rules is a multiplayer game where players raise and grow cute little worms. Your task is to make your worm the longest and strongest by feeding it sweets.

You can access the game through their web browser on any device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The game aims to have stable performance no matter what platform you use.

As you feed your worm sweets, it will grow significantly faster than in other similar games. This allows players to quickly climb up the leaderboard ranks. There are also power-ups players can collect like speed boosts or growth hormones to really accelerate their worm's growth.

While trying to eat the sweets, you need to control your character to avoid other giant worms. If your worm crashes into the bodies of other worms, you will immediately lose. You will become someone else's food. And vice versa. If you are clever enough to trap others, you will have more food. Your character's size will increase significantly after you eat the enemy's food.

How to control

Use the mouse to navigate the worm.

Hold the left mouse button to accelerate.

Some highlights of the game

The game offers various skins and outfits players can choose from to customize the look of their worm. You can unlock more options by sharing the game with friends.

You can compete on a global leaderboard to see who can achieve the highest score. They can also battle against friends in competitive arena matches.

It is a fun and colorful game that aims to keep players entertained through its cute graphics and gameplay of rapidly feeding your worm. Both logged-in and anonymous players can enjoy the full game for free. You also can purchase cosmetic bonuses and boosts through the store. It is said that all games in Online Games are cool.

Multiplayer games will bring you fierce competition. You will have to face many challenges. Your opponents are also very strong. They have many strategies and experiences. Prepare well for this fierce match.

Some strategies in

Collect the good items

When you see power-up potions, collect them. Speed is imparted by the green potion, agility by the blue, and growth by the orange. You can easily outgrow opponents by actively using these potions. You can also collect magnets so you can get a lot of food without moving much. Additionally, don't forget the coins. They will bring you significant benefits. You need to collect them so you can buy more things.

Create some traps

Give your worm as many sweets as you can to encourage growth and strength. It will be more difficult for other worms to defeat your larger worm in combat. To keep track of your best performances and advancement, compete on the worldwide leaderboards. To advance, try to score as many points as possible during each game. You should actively create traps for your opponent to crash into the body of your worm. As a result, you can get food from them. Eliminating other opponents also helps your character limit many risks and dangers.