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Mahjong Alchemy

The attraction of Mahjong Alchemy

The mechanics of the game

Mahjong Alchemy is an exciting puzzle game with many mahjong pieces. Within the time limit, you must remove as many mahjong as possible and score high scores.

In Online Games, numerous game variations using mahjong pieces were developed from the traditional game of mahjong. It is a fantastic game related to mahjong. You can choose this game to conquer it. The game will bring you interesting experiences. You will be immersed in the mahjong pieces. The game not only entertains you but also helps you gain more knowledge about the game of mahjong. Come on and play the game now.

In this game, mahjong pieces are stacked on top of each other. There will be multiple stacks of mahjong in the game. Your task is to clear them from the playground. To make them disappear, you need to select two identical mahjong pieces. After they disappear, mahjong pieces on the layer below will gradually appear. You need to play until there are no mahjong pieces left. The more mahjong pieces you remove, the more points you get. Try to get the highest score. Good luck.

However, you also need to follow a rule that mahjong pieces that are blocked, or in the layer below will not be selected. They will be stuck. For example, you cannot select a mahjong piece whose two edges are blocked by two other mahjong pieces. You need to remove the outer pieces, then you can select that mahjong piece. Pay attention to this principle to save time. Additionally, there are many mahjong pieces hidden by tall stacks of mahjong. You can point your mouse at them. Their images will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Compare and find mahjong similar to it.

Some tactics to win

It's important to remember that time is of the essence. You have only 15 minutes to do your assignment. You will lose if you do not promptly choose the same mahjong pieces. To win, you should therefore increase your speed.

In order to remove them, you also need to click Deal New Tileset. If you click them, more mahjong pieces will be added to your game. However, the mahjong's position will also shift. Therefore, selecting the identical mahjong pieces is simple.

You can also rely on the sound to predict whether you can choose that mahjong piece or not. You are not permitted to choose the mahjong pieces if the sound of the collision is made by two other mahjong pieces.

After cleaning up the playing field

Deal New Tileset

If you have cleared all the mahjong tiles then you need to press the Deal New Tileset button. Other mahjong pieces will appear. You need to play until time runs out. Also, if you can't find any similar mahjong pieces, you can press this button to get more mahjong pieces. You will easily find two identical and unblocked pieces.

Continue to get more scores

Keep playing to get higher scores. It is best if you can break your own record. You also need to speed up your search so you can complete more pieces. You will have a bigger score if you play well.