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Interesting things about

Play and explore the evolution of the animals. Consume the food bordered the green lines to earn EXP and evolve into bigger animals.

The gameplay

In this game, you will play as a blowfly that is the smallest insect in the world. To become stronger, you should consume shit and fish. Then, you will evolve into a bigger insect. At this time, your food will change. Keep in mind that eatable food is bordered by the green line. Besides food, you also need to jump into the river to drink water whenever your water bar is about to be empty. Note that if it is empty, you will die. Additionally, the animals with the red border are really dangerous. You should stay away from the dangers if you do not want to die soon. Like other io games on Online Games, this game also features multiplayer. The bigger animals who are actually the players from all over the world will actively attack you. Therefore, you must escape as fast as possible to avoid their attacks.

The evolution of animals

Note that you will experience 7 evolution stages of animals. Here they are:

  • Normal Evolution: In this stage, you will start with a blowfly and then evolve into a butterfly, mosquito, bee, dragonfly, pigeon, duck, and then different kinds of birds. Note that you will evolve from the low-tier birds to the high-tier predatory.
  • Prehistoric Evolution: In this stage, you must accumulate enough 57,150 experience points to become a pterodactyl child. Then, if you have 82,150, you will become a pterodactyl.
  • Monster Evolution: This stage features two kinds of monsters including Swamp Monster and Stone Eater.
  • Demonic Evolution: In this stage, you will transform into three kinds of monsters who are a Demonic Egg Eater, a Demonic Bat, and a Demonic Imp.
  • Mythical Evolution: If you can accumulate enough 232,150 experience points, you will become a little dragon. Next, you will evolve into a Phoenix.
  • Cosmic Evolution: This stage features 5 monsters that are Cosmic Insect, Cosmic Big Eye, Cosmic Angry Eye, Cosmic Bat, and finally Overfed Cosmic Bat.
  • Undead Evolution: In the final stage of this game, you can transform into one of three characters who is the little ghost, pumpkin ghost, or reaper. Moreover, you can unlock many costumes when becoming a ghost.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to fly.

All biomes of

This game has not only various characters but also diverse biomes. When playing this game, you can fly high and explore the Space, Sky, Grassland, City, Desert, Jungle, Arctic, Pools, Ice Cave, Swamp, Graveyard, Demonic/Volcanic, Underground, and Sewage Treatment Plant. Each biome has many wonderful landscapes. Moreover, in each biome, you can find many eatable foods. It is possible to say that this game will offer you an exciting adventure. Join it now and have fun. Or you can save this game in your game arsenal and play it when you have free time or want to entertain.