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Cookie Clicker City

Addictive gameplay of Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a popular clicker game that allows you to build your city. Click constantly to make as many cookies as possible and unlock new things.

Make and bake cookies

This game is famous for its simple mechanics. In this game, you can see a big cookie at the right of the screen. You should click on it constantly to make new cookies. Note that each click is worth a cookie. Therefore, try to make and bake as many cookies as possible. Sometimes, the golden cookie will appear. You must be quick to click on it before it disappears. This golden cookie will help you make more cookies in a limited time. After the time is over, the effect of the golden cookie will disappear. Therefore, try to utilize this chance to get more cookies. Moreover, you can unlock cursors which will help to click on the cookie automatically when you are offline. You can unlock the plastic mouse and a thousand fingers. If you use the cookies to unlock the Iron Ages in which the number of cookies that you can produce will increase.

Construct buildings and hire more people

After having many cookies, you can start to build your city. You can create a farm that can make 8 cookies per second. Besides, you can build a mine that can produce 47 cookies per second. In addition, you can use cookies to unlock a grandma who helps to bake cookies. She can produce 2 cookies per second.

It is possible to say that this clicker game is not only interesting but also easy to play. It is suitable for players of all ages and can be played on both PC and mobile devices. Spare your time to try this exciting game now and have fun.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play the game.

All achievements in Cookie Clicker City

This game requires you to unlock many achievements. Here is the list of these achievements:

  • Golden Cookie: You must click on the golden cookie to unlock this achievement.
  • Clicktastic: You must make 1000 cookies by tapping if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Make Some Dough: You have to bake 1000 cookies in one ascension to get this achievement.
  • Wake And Bake: You have to bake 100 cookies in one ascension.
  • Double-Click: Have 2 cursors to unlock this achievement.
  • Click: You must have 1 cursor to earn this achievement.
  • My first farm: Try to build the first farm if you want to get this achievement.
  • Grandma's Cookie: You must have a grandma if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Casual Baking: Bake 1 cookie a second to get this achievement.
  • Hardcore Baking: Bake 10 cookies a second to earn this achievement.
  • Steady Tasty Stream: Bake 100 cookies a second to gain this achievement.
  • You know The Drill: You must have 1 mine if you want to gain this achievement.
  • So Baked Right Now: Bake 100,000 cookies in one ascension to unlock this achievement.