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Mahjong Classic

Some missions in Mahjong Classic

Clean up the playing field

Mahjong Classic offers difficult challenges to test your ability to observe and choose. To get three stars, you need to make all the mahjong pieces disappear.

In this, mahjong pieces are arranged in piles and placed randomly. They can also overlap each other in a messy way. You will choose a pair of mahjong pieces to match them. Then, they will disappear. Remember that you can only match mahjong pieces that are not blocked or located on the lower layer. You can tell them apart by looking at their color. The mahjong pieces you are allowed to choose from will have brighter colors. The darker pieces are usually located in the lower layer. You can only select them after you have removed the mahjong piece over them. Are you excellent enough to complete this mission?

Play in the allotted time

Time pressure forces you to complete tasks quickly. Within the specified time, you need to clean up everything. If you complete them quickly, you can get three stars. This is the biggest reward for you. Improve your search speed to win. Your number of stars also depends on the number of stars you have. Have fun with the game.

Some reasons why you lose in Mahjong

Mahjong pieces cannot be shuffled

If you don't have a special strategy, you will get the mahjong pieces stuck. There are no longer any mahjong pieces available. If you cannot shuffle them, you will lose. You can shuffle them using the Shuffle. However, they have limits. Using them all can put you at risk of losing. Wise tactics will be the key to your success. Find a way to solve this problem if you want an impressive score. Do you want to join other mahjong games? You can access Online Games now.

All left pieces in a stack

What do you think if you have about 6 mahjong pieces left but they are in the same stack? This is tough to get through because you can't shuffle them. They will be locked in the stack. There are not any suitable places to shuffle them. Lost stacks cannot be used. Therefore, you need to avoid this situation from happening.

Some tips to win

The best players start the game with a good Mahjong strategy in mind. Moreover, you must patiently observe. Although luck is a relevant factor in the game of Mahjong, a bad move can hinder your chances of winning.

You will feel more confident if you get familiar with the Mahjong set, observe the location of the Mahjong tiles, and keep an eye out for the tiles that will help you get the set you need.

You can also take advantage of the hints you have to complete this game. You have two types of hints. They can help you find the pair of mahjong quickly. Besides, you can shuffle the mahjong pieces. You can only use them three times per turn. If you run out of hints, you may lose. Why don't you join this game now and experience it?