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Jungle Mahjong

Why should you join Jungle Mahjong

Jungle Mahjong is mahjong that is based on pair-matching games. Try your best to collect the pairs of identical tiles by clicking or tapping them.

It will be a game that stimulates your brain. The game will bring many interesting things. First, the game is based on the gameplay of matching games. You can easily understand the gameplay and gameplay of this game from the first time you play the game. You will connect pairs of identical mahjong pieces to eliminate them. Next, the mahjong pieces are printed with images of small animals in the forest. They are very cute, so they can attract others. They make you no longer feel bored. In addition, the game offers many levels and challenges. They will not disappoint you. You will start with the easiest level. Keep trying to pass more difficult levels. Finally, the game requests you to finish the level in the allotted time, which forces you to improve your searching speed. It is best if you can join Online Games and conquer other challenges.

The principle of Jungle Mahjong

Finding a pair of similar animals does not seem difficult. However, you are only allowed to select mahjong pieces whose two sides are not blocked by any mahjong pieces. If they are only blocked on one side, you can still choose. You need to remove them one by one so that the mahjong pieces on the lower layer gradually appear. You will continue your work until you complete it successfully.

Furthermore, the hints are not available to you. If you want to use them, you must meet other requirements. Leveling up will take longer for you. So try to use your wits and tactics to win.


The game operations are extremely simple. You just need to click on the mahjong pieces. So the game is suitable for everyone. You can play the game regardless of your age. If you want to compete with others, invite your friends. You can show the scores to determine the winner.