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Onet Connect Classic

About Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic is an amusing game suitable for all. If you love this kind of game, you can play and try to pass many challenging levels.

This game genre has been in development for quite some time. They have existed and appeared for decades. However, this game genre is still hot. People are still very passionate about this type of card game. Numerous updated versions have been released as digital technology has advanced. You can play this game for enjoyment while developing your brainpower. You will be immersed in the game with attractive graphics. People who play this game can't stop playing the game. The new version will help you relieve stress. Good luck.

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How to play the game

If you are a fan of this series, then you seem to easily complete your task when playing this game. However, if you are new, you do not need to worry too much. You can easily control the character easily. You can use the mouse to select two similar items in the grid. If you finish, they will disappear. You need to play until the grid is cleaned up. Then, you can move to the following levels. Also, you need to pay attention to your time limit. You must complete your mission within the allotted time unless you play the difficult level again. Limited time will put pressure on you while playing the game. If you can complete the task early, the remaining time can be converted into scores. Thanks to that, you will have impressive scores when playing games. Good luck.

In addition, you can get many great rewards after completing excellent levels. You will open the mysterious fruit box to receive rewards. They will motivate you to continue trying in the next levels.

The trick rules

The simple gameplay helps you make the game easily accessible to many people. However, strict rules are also in place. When concatenating two identical items, you need to be careful about how to join them. They are only allowed to be connected by a maximum of 3 lines. That means you cannot connect two items on two different sides of the grid and its corners remain the same. You need to find an intelligent strategy for yourself to win. The 3 lines rule applies to almost all types of games.

Some game modes in Onet Connect Classic

The game mode will be divided by items. There are three different categories including animals, food, and fruits. You can choose any genre to start the game. Each mode will have different interesting things. For example, cute animals will attract players who love animals. If you are a sweets addict, you should not miss cakes and candies. Choosing food mode will have extremely eye-catching items. Finally, fruit items are also available to you. You can select them and unlock as many levels as possible.

Some available hints in the game

Some hints

Initially, you will get three hints. You can use it if you struggle. They will help you find two similar items quickly. You will complete your mission within the allotted time. Although they save you time, they are limited. You should use them properly to be able to unlock other levels.

Some shuffles

Like hints, the shuffles are limited. If you use them all up, you lose. They will help you swap the positions of items on the grid. Then, you can connect them easily. However, when you get stuck many times, you have a high risk of losing.