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1 votes 5/5 is a fun territory war game that many players love. You need to constantly expand your territory and fight with other players around the world.

Why you should play

There are many games like Taming IO but this multiplayer game still captures many players' hearts. Now, let's see the reason!

Strategic gameplay

This game challenges your decision-making skills because you must plan your moves carefully. Besides, analyzing the map and anticipating your opponents are the important steps to get the victory in this game. If you can master these steps, you can expand your empire and become the most powerful king.

Two modes

You can play single mode where your opponents are the CPU. This mode is easier than multiplayer mode. Of course, the CPUs aren't as smart as the other players. Therefore, you can test your skills in multiplayer mode and practice in a single mode.

How to expand your territory in the game

Some strategies summarized by the professional players are available here. You can refer to the following strategies if you are new.

Plan your attacks

Before you attack the opponents, analyzing the map and their defense is the first step. Then, you can compare the power between you and your opponents. If the foes are too strong, it's better to choose another target. Let's look for weak spots and areas where you have the advantage.

Develop a strong defense

Protect your existing territories by fortifying them with armies. Place your armies strategically to defend against attacks from other players. A strong defense will prevent your opponents from capturing your territories and allow you to focus on expanding your empire.

Plan your attacks

Before launching an attack on another player's territory, analyze the map and their defenses. Look for weak spots and areas where you have the advantage. Plan your attack carefully, considering the number of armies you have, the terrain, and any potential alliances or treaties that may come into play.