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Fireboy and Water Girl 3 in The Ice Temple

Fireboy and Water Girl 3 in The Ice Temple is the third version of this popular series. This version continues an adventure of two main characters.

Experience the new place in this game

The Fireboy and Watergirl game series is very famous in the world of 2 player games. The exciting adventures of two special characters are developed in many different environments. In this version, you will control the character to explore an ice temple. New elements that you cannot find in other versions will be added to this environment.

A few new things

Since this is an ice temple, you will encounter frozen rocks in this game. Slippery surfaces and icy hazards will appear in this version. The cold landscape in this game brings new feelings to players about an icy world.

Challenges in this game

Many challenges appear along the way that tests control skills and coordination between players. As you advance through the levels, the puzzles will become increasingly more difficult. You must quickly come up with appropriate strategies to avoid wasting time. Although there is no time limit, it directly affects the number of stars you receive after completing each level.

Fireboy and WaterGirl 3 in The Ice Temple gameplay

This is a 2-player game, so cooperation is very necessary. You need to solve some puzzles to reach the exit gate.

Cooperate with your partner

In fact, you can control both characters yourself at the same time. However, this will cause difficulties for you. Furthermore, playing with a friend seems much more interesting. Our main characters are fireboy and watergirl who both have their strengths and weaknesses. Fireboy can move through lava but he cannot touch water. Watergirl cannot walk through lava, but she will be safe in water. Two players must combine and support each other to help the characters reach their destination.

Solve puzzles and win prizes

The arrangement of obstacles is the puzzle for you. These puzzles require precise timing, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Switches and levers can actuate elevators or doors along the way. Be careful with the deadly obstacles on the way. The puzzles will become increasingly difficult and you will feel a sense of accomplishment after solving these difficult puzzles.

Collect gems in the temple

There are two types of gems distinguished by red and blue. Watergirl will collect the blue gems while fireboy will collect the red ones. They are not required to open doors. However, this is an extra challenge to increase the difficulty of the game. What's more, you can also unlock some bonus levels if you get a certain number of gems.

Game control:

  • Fireboy: use arrow keys to control
  • Watergirl: use WASD keys to control.