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Backrooms Game

Embark on the escape in Backrooms Game now? Run as fast as possible to avoid the ghosts and the right road to reach the exit door of the maze.

Choose the game modes in Backrooms Game

It is possible to say that this is the best horror game in Online Games. At the start of the game, you are required to choose between three game modes. Although your objective in all game modes is to leave the maze as soon as possible, each mode still has a distinct feature. Let's explore them now.

Classic Mode

This game mode sets the stage for an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock. You are given a total of 4 minutes to find your way out of the labyrinthine maze. This mode offers four levels of difficulty, each affecting the appearance and behavior of the game's notorious monsters. In the Easy level, you can explore the maze without immediate threats, as monsters only emerge once the time is up. However, in the Hard and Medium levels, you must remain on high alert, as monsters can appear at any time, adding an element of suspense and urgency. The Backroom level, renowned for its challenging nature, pushes you to your limits, demanding quick thinking and precise navigation skills.

Deaf Mode

This second game mode offers a unique twist by limiting your ability to rely on visual cues. You are granted 10 minutes to find the exit door, providing a bit more time to carefully analyze your surroundings. One key strategy is to follow paths that remain consistent upon closer observation. However, the true challenge lies in the unpredictable behavior of the monsters, which you cannot see. Instead, they must rely on your hearing, paying close attention to any auditory clues that may indicate the presence of a lurking monster. Like Classic Mode, Deaf Mode also offers four levels of difficulty, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the gameplay to your preference and skill level.

Free Mode

For those seeking a more relaxed and leisurely experience, this third game mode offers an escape from the tension and time constraints of the other modes. Unlike the previous modes, Free Mode has no levels of difficulty or time limits, granting you the freedom to explore the maze at your own pace. Importantly, Free Mode provides a safe haven where monsters do not make an appearance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the exploration without fear or pressure. With no external threats, you can take your time, analyze the maze's intricate details, and savor the joy of finally discovering the exit door.

Escape from Backrooms Game

At night, you have a nightmare in which you get stuck in a maze. This maze has not only high walls but also many ghosts. These ghosts are the souls of you who cannot get out of the maze. If you do not want to die soon, you must escape from them. You must traverse through the twists and turns, running tirelessly to locate the exit door. Unlike the other walls in the maze, the exit door cunningly disguises itself as a wall. However, it can be distinguished by the constant flashing of a nearby light. The discovery of the exit door initiates a race against time to solve the riddles displayed on a meter, with the objective of escaping the nightmare once the meter aligns with the heart symbol.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Use the mouse to control the camera.